Why Blue Is the Best Color for Your Fall Wedding? | Top 5 Popular Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Recommendations

Still get busy for your coming fall wedding? Well, congratulation first! Babaroni comes to offer you excellent wedding inspirations!

We almost hear the footstep of Fall. Yes, the beautiful fall season is coming approach. So is your great wedding. Trust me, lots of happy brides and grooms are counting days excitedly like you. They are about to enter the marriage hall and start their new journey in their life. That’s why wedding ceremony is important because it is the beginning of a fresh new start.

However, preparing is not that easy and enjoyable since there are always so many details to consider. So today we will introduce the best color for a wonderful fall wedding. Keep reading to find your wedding inspiration.

People may think choosing a bridal gown is difficult. Yes, it is. However, you just need to choose one wedding dress. But you need to pick up more than 4 bridesmaid dresses for your pretty bridesmaid group. Actually, bridesmaid dresses are just as important as the wedding dress. Holding the great expectation of a dream wedding, we always hope that every detail of your Fall wedding is perfect and flawless. The bride must be gorgeous and remarkable on her big day. How could the bridesmaids be forgotten? Today, we will introduce the 5 most popular blue colors for you to help you find your own wedding idea.

Babaroni Melissa

Though it is not that fiercely hot in Fall compared with the summer, it is warm to feel. So we need some cold color to find the balance. That’s why the color blue is our top option. Blue always brings a sense of cool and comfortable feeling. I will introduce you to five different blue colors in the following passage. You will the blue belongs to you.

General Recommendation: Blue

Yes, we highly recommend the color blue for a Fall wedding. You may wonder why blue? We are sure you will ask why not blue after reading.

Blue is a noble and elegant color preferred by many royalty and noble family. And the famous luxury brand Dior worship this color as well. They often hold the blue themed high party and their products are often packaged with blue cover. Still remember Dior gorgeous blue star tulle dress? Why all these are blue?  Yes, blue has a secret to make people feel peaceful and calm. It is a great color especially suitable for dresses.

Babaroni Miranda

People usually wear yellow in Fall. However, don’t you want something different? It’s time to be different. It’s your wedding, it’s your big day. Yellow is so common in the Fall. Therefore, we need an extraordinary color to make a great shock and comparison. And blue is what we need.

Babaroni Cassiopeia

When we talk about blue, you may think of something blue in your mind already. Blue Sky? Blue Ocean? Blue Ink? Acutally, there are many kinds of different blue colors. Though they are similar, they do have a various effect. So today, we will introduce 5 different blue colors for you to help you better select a blue bridesmaid dress for your special Fall wedding.

No.1 Slate Blue

Slate Blue is our new blue color. Our talented dyeing experts create this wonderful color. It is a kind of deep and calm blue, revealing the maturity and intellectuality of ladies. Babaroni ‘s slate blue is especially suitable for ladies who are very peaceful and quiet. If your bridesmaids are friendly and willing to make friends, they will love this color so much.

Babaroni Nydia

Nydia is very famous for this color. And we can easily find out the reason. Nydia is a beautiful halter V neck chiffon bridesmaid gown. The deep V neck makes this dress so sexy, while the calm slate blue cleverly balances the dress to make it elegant as well. The parallel pleated waistband design aims to highlight your narrow waist and the dark slate blue emphasise this visual effect to make you look slim.

Babaroni Nydia
Babaroni Nydia

No.2 Royal Blue

In the legend, the prototype of the goddess is a royal blue diamond. Therefore, the gem of being beautiful innocent became “hope” synonymous. Babaroni ‘s royal blue gives a touch of noble feeling, making you the focus of the attention. Your bridesmaids will be beautiful and attractive as well.

Miranda expresses the beauty of royal blue all the time. Though Miranda is gorgeous as well in other colors, it shows the elegance and dignity of this beautiful when in royal blue. It is a spaghetti strap dress made of high-quality lace and chiffon. The thin strap perfectly shows the elegant shoulder and neck. And the classic V neck design presents ladies’ beauty and elegance. Its high empire waistband gives a strong visual effect to make you look taller. That’s a dress made for a goddess-like your bridesmaids. And the color royal blue makes this dress calm, formal and elegant.

Babaroni Miranda
No.3 Ocean Blue 

Ocean Blue is the color appearing between the color blue and the sky blue. The deep blue shine its beauty in its own way. Babaroni ‘s Ocean Blue is both positive and calm. We spare no effort to find the perfect color. Ocean blue dresses are usually free and lively.

If you are a huge fan of this elegant ocean blue, please do not miss Cassiopeia. She is the pop star in Ocean Blue.  Cassiopeia is V neck long chiffon dress with bow on the back. She has a common design. However, the color ocean blue enlightens its beauty in a sudden. It’s so harmonious and peaceful. And the elegant bow on its back is its best feature. The ocean blue bow makes this dress so joyful and dynamic.

Moreover, Cassiopeia is our best selling bridesmaid dress all the time. Less is more, simplicity is power. If you are not sure about which one to decide, we recommend you send Cassiopeia‘s picture to your friends. You will find the answer when you hear your best friends say YES.

Babaroni Cassiopeia

No.4 Ink Blue

Ink blue indicates tranquillity, melancholy, open-mindedness, and calmness. The special blue colors own the characters of luxury and simplicity. It will reveal the bridesmaids’ beauty without grabbing the bride’s limelight.

Melissa loves the color ink blue so much. Melissa is a long chiffon gown with a pretty illusion neckline. The pleated sweetheart neckline makes this dress sweet and cute. And it is our new style with an invisible collar. The color ink blue makes this dress energetic and powerful.

You will be impressed when Melissa turning back. The elegant key-hole makes this dress special. It will not be too tight for bridesmaids to wear. Meanwhile, people can enjoy their perfect skin. This unique design makes this dress wonderful from both front and back.

Babaroni Melissa
No.5 Dusty Blue

The shades of dusty blue are quiet and soft. This calm dusty blue can not only bring you a sense of maturity and generosity but also gives you youthful vitality. It is very temperamental and feminine.

Babaroni Camille

Camille worships dusty blue deeply. This v-neck Full-Length chiffon dress is so attractive and charming in dusty blue. And the pleated bodice makes this dress elegant and graceful. Camille also has a special V back design and the invisible zipper makes the dress graceful as well. We always use the high quality to make our chiffon dresses. So they are light and breathable. It’s comfortable to wear all day long.

Babaroni Camille
Babaroni Camille

Today we have introduced you 5 different but beautiful blue colors. And we recommend several pretty attractive bridesmaid dresses in these colors as well. Though they are all blue colors, they give us a different feeling. A slight difference makes a big change. Details do count.

During the most important moment in your life, choosing the most suitable dresses for you and your bridesmaids will be so important. I believe you are not hesitating like before. And now you may have your own ideas in your mind now. Order now to give your bridesmaids a surprise in the coming Fall wedding.

Now, you have acquired so many interesting knowledge about the color blue and you have known 5 different blues. Blue does have a magic to make people look good and feel great. Ready for your big day? Now, let me ask you why not blue? Why not try all these great blue dresses?

We will continue to update our blogs to share other interesting and useful information ranging from jewellery to various dresses with you in the future. We will introduce some Bridal Gowns for your Big Day in our next blog. Please follow us to read more. If you are active on the Internet, please follow our Instagram or Facebook to interact with us.


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