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Today, we will talk about a popular dress style, that is A-line dress! It is definitely the eternal classic of any kinds of weddings. A-line bridesmaid dress is always the top choice of a bridesmaid dress. It has a great reputation due to its beautiful design. There is no doubt that A-line bridesmaid dresses can be well-matched with various decorations due to its gorgeous silhouette. Whether you want a solemn church wedding or a relaxed outdoor wedding, it will always impress you and your guests. Please check these beautiful and elegant bridesmaid dresses below. We are sure you will fall in love with them.

What are the characteristic of A-line dresses?

The silhouette of the A-line dress is obvious and charming. It is usually composed of a tight top and a trumpet-shaped lower skirt.  Its shape looks like the letter A, so we name it as A-line dress. If we look back at the origin of the bridesmaid gowns, such shape is the most common one for the bridesmaid dress. And the royal family and the nobles prefer this classic and solemn gown especially.  Nowadays, girls in an A-line bridesmaid dress will be as noble as a princess.

People may have an assumption that the style of A-line dress is boring without any innovation. However, our talented designers will make abundant changes and alterations to make you a brand new image.  The shape of the skirt, as well as the design of its top, can be adjusted according to people’s preferences. For example, some people would like a more fluffy skirt while others may prefer a slight expansion.  Besides, you can also ask to design different neckline and applique. The A-line gown with straps looks graceful and elegant. And the sweetheart bridesmaid dresses are much sexier.

As we have talked before, the length of the A-line bridesmaid dress is not completely fixed. If you prefer a solemn or delicate style, please choose a bridesmaid gown in floor-length or a dress with the long trailing look. However, if you will hold an outdoor wedding, we strongly recommend you to choose a dress in tea-length. It may be lighter and more suitable for outdoor weddings.  Many brides, as well as their bridesmaids of honor, will dance with their guests on the dancing floor. If you may have the same wish, please choose a simple dress to dance better. Now we will introduce our new arrivals.

This type of bridesmaid dresses is usually made from many different fabrics ranging from chiffon to lace. Dresses with different fabrics have different styles and characteristics. In my point of view, I highly recommend the lace bridesmaid dress. This novel dress with its split on the lower skirt will make you look sexier.

Who should choose A-line Dresses?

You may wonder whether you are suitable for an A-line dress or not. And we have a piece of good news. Everyone can find her own style with A-line dresses.  It usually looks better if you are tall and slim. But girls with other body silhouettes can also look gorgeous.  A-line dress is perfect for everyone. Please be confident about yourself.

It can perfectly cover any imperfections of anybody shape。Some high-waist styles have a strong effect. You can cover your stomach, legs and buttocks perfectly by the wide flared skirt.  A tight-fitting top can perfectly show your chest curve, making you more charming and attractive.

There are no worries for petite girls as well.  All of our bridesmaid dresses can be custom-designed and customized. You can choose any size or your own measurements. It will fit you perfectly.

Besides, we recommend the lace-up styles to you. You can adjust the size of the bridesmaid gown via the lace-up so that you will be comfortable at your wedding. It will not make you feel tense or tight. And the dress can be adjusted at any time you want. For example, if you eat or drink too much at your wedding, you can loosen it a little bit to keep yourself feel comfortable all day long.  

What accessories should I wear when dressing A-line bridesmaid dresses?

Do you now fall in love with these A-line bridesmaid dresses? Now is the time to learn some information about the accessories. The accessories should be harmonious with the fabric of your dress.

However, please follow the principle of keeping balance. If the fabric of your dresses is gorgeous already, please choose some simple accessories to match. Otherwise, it would become too exaggerated and gaudy. Here is an example for your reference. If there are beautiful rhinestones attached on your neckline already, it’s better to have a simple necklace. If your dress is decorated with gorgeous lace already, you just need a pair of diamond earrings.

What’s more, veils are excellent accessories as well. The style of the veils depends on your bridesmaid dress. And its colour and design should go well with your dress. If your bridesmaid dress has some sequins or lace decorations on it, please choose a veil with a similar style to make the overall look much more harmonious.

However, if your dress is simple enough, please try to select a delicate necklace to make a perfect decoration.

Find more fantastic A-line wedding inspirations

line dresses are suitable for various themes. Various bridesmaid all wear A-line dresses in different scenes. Here are some beautiful wedding photos. You may find your style from them.


We have strong reasons for you to choose an A-line dress. A-line dresses are fashionable and never go out of date. And they can perfectly modify and present your body figure.

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