Top 5 Extraordinary Trends & Tips for Special 2020 Weddings

Always be eager to find new trends! Every year, creative couples create wonderful wedding inspirations. Every new year comes with brand new ideas, engagements, the latest fashion, and fashion trends. And, this year, we share you some different wedding inspirations under the uncertain times.

We experienced a lot in 2020 though we are still experiencing it. This year, we’re particularly nervous but excited to embrace 2020—there’s something seemingly particular and special about the date, right?!

So how to have an unforgettable wedding while keeping everyone safe? BABARONI shares these wedding tips and trends for you to have a great wedding.

  1. Narrow Down the Guest Lists

Usually, we would like to have a grand wedding inviting many relatives and friends. However, brides and groom had better have a smaller wedding party to make it happy and safe. We completely understand that everyone matters. But fewer people mean much safety. We can share the big news vie online chat and video to our common friends with few links in real life. If some of your friends live far away from you and it’s much risking for them to join your wedding, you can have them via live stream or video chat.

In fact, many brides to have already taken this action. We noticed that many bridesmaids said they would not join in the party due to the pandemic. It might be a pity but your friend would completely understand you.

  • Formal Wedding Invitations

Everyone knows the importance of wedding invitations. But they are so significant than ever since many weddings are postponed or even canceled. You need to make sure all your friends know your date and plan. Also, you can confirm with them via telephone, message, or video chat if time permits.

  • Considerate Table Set

We care the neat and clean table set than ever before. A wonderful table set idea not only makes your guests feel comfortable but also enable them to feel safe.

Considerate and clean table sets do not have to be complicated. Instead, less is more. Simplicity is power.

  • Better Have an Outdoor Wedding

Church weddings are solemnly and formal. However, we recommend easy and joyful outdoor weddings for 2020 weddings.

For one hand, outdoor weddings are easy and happy. Your guests will also feel relaxed and comfortable.

For another, it’s much safer to have a wedding outside. The air flows, the wind blows. And people can breathe much easier.

  • High-Style Photo Booths

It is all about the Instagram inspired photo booth since everyone was stuck in their home. Couples and their friends can enjoy all the filters, airbrushing, and slimming effects of modern takes on old-school filmstrips. In 2020, brides-to-be will expect more of an artful take on this after-party activity, with high-style portrait sessions curated and shot by your photo team taking the place of an automatic click-to-shoot experience.

You can design a gorgeous concern for your guest to take photos. Also, backdrops are fantastic ideas! BABARONI highly recommend backdrop to have a fabulous wedding backdrop to take wonderful pictures. They have a perfect customized backdrop design team to offer a flawless backdrop.


Thanks so much for your reading and time. Today we have shared top 5 trendy wedding tips with you in the uncertain year 2020. Of course, there are many more useful and helpful tips for this year’s special weddings inspirations on the Internet. Feel free to share your unique 2020 wedding idea!

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Author: Sunny Best

I am a blogger who focuses on wedding dresses and mainly writes about the trend of prom dresses.