Top 10 Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Do at Your Leisure Time

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The good news is that the coronavirus has been controlled.  More and more people got the vaccine injection. However, please protect yourself and keep yourself away from the crowd. However, there are plenty of things you can do at home.

Whether you are sitting in front of the TV and enjoy your afternoon tea, or you are watching your favorite TV show now, now you can plan your own wedding. From creating a special registry, publishing on your wedding site, or even organizing your Pinterest boards–many planning tasks are even easier to finish through your computer or telephone. We have gathered them for you. Let’s keep reading.

  1. Organize Your Guest List

Organizing and creating a guest list is definitely one of the most important tasks of your wedding planning. You can finish this task with your lover or family and let other members of your friends join you through Zoom and think about who should be invited.

This task is significant enough so make sure that you and your partner are on the same side about the member of guests.

  • Create Your Wedding Registry

There is a better way to create or review your wedding registry online and to make it a meaningful project. This option is more convenient not only for you but also for your guests.

They can order the gifts online, knowing what you want and how to get them shipped on time.

  • Publish Your Wedding Plans Online

Many brides choose to make their own wedding site. It is very special and meaningful. However, it takes time and even money. We suggest you announce your wedding planner on your social media. And by this way, you could also get a website link to share as well. You can release your wedding plan on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Youtube. Modern people like this stylish way.

  • Make a Playlist of Your Wedding Music

It is truly important to prepare the wedding music. But some couples might neglect it. Making a wedding playlist is never an easy task, even if it sounds like it can be done quickly. Making the list might take days, even weeks. You need to go through all your favorite songs, put them together, and listen – Is it proper for a wedding? Is there any taboo to avoid? How does your playlist sound? Think about all songs you have listened to as a couple or like and put them on the paper. And you had better consider the order of these songs. This task really takes time, but it is worth doing in your spare time.

5.  Practice some Wedding Dance

This is the time for you to try some new moves and practice your first dance at home. You can play the music you just organized and make some casual movements.

You can even find many online tutorials that offer lesions with professional dancers. And you could also practice with your partner while dreaming about your wedding. That’s so romantic.

6.Pick up Your Bridesmaid Dresses

You do not have to gather together to pick up your outfit on your big day. Instead, has a wonderful function, showroom, to allow you to pick your ideal dresses and discuss easily and conveniently with your friends.

We have tons of fabulous and trendy designs for both of you and your bridesmaid squad. Worry about the color? We have 66+ stunning colors. And we highly recommend dusty blue color for you. Take our best-selling Babaroni Cassiopeia for example. Cassiopeia’s modern crisscross, pleated front bodice combined with its chic illusion v-neckline make the bridesmaids look sexy. Moreover, the bowknot on the back makes the dress look more elegant.

And the dusty blue color looks chic and elegant.

7.  Make DIY Wedding Project

You can choose to make a DIY wedding project. Even if you are not a crafty bride, there are many online videos that you can learn how to make different meaningful things.

Whether you are making creative napkins for tables or parts of wedding decoration – make sure to enjoy the process. This can be a great distraction, but also make your wedding special and unique.

  • Write Thank You Notes

Handwritten notes deeply move and touch people because you could write different words or sentences to give to people randomly. Actually, you can definitely do this job at any time. But it kills the boring time without your awareness. If you did not do such things before, it might be stressful at the very beginning, but you will get the hang of it.

9. Write an Ice Breaker Quiz

Fun games on your wedding day help you relax and allow more people to get involved. You can write some of the games by yourself. And nowadays the ice breaker quiz is so popular. You may have a try on your big day as well.  You can bring one card to every sitting place for your guests.

These are some of the questions that might inspire you:

How many languages can you speak?

Which season do you like best?

What’s your lucky number?

Introduce your favorite book?

What three items would you take to a desert island?

10. Shop Wedding Jewelry including Rings

Wedding jewelry is a wonderful and exceptional part of a wedding. You could order offline to have a clear and careful check for sure. However, with the development of online selling, you now have many more choices for jewelry shopping.

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They have many fashionable and stunning customized jewelry ranging from necklaces, bracelets, to rings. Take this personalized heart birthstones promise ring for example. Prepare a surprise for your girl. This ring will receive her big YES. Ready to see her big smile or ugly cry with this stunning and sparkling ring with two shiny birthstones. It will be a perfect gift for your birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Anniversary.

Conclusion: Thanks so much for your time. You must learn so much about so many things that you could do for your wedding at home. Today, we only pick the top 10 popular tasks for your inspiration. We will offer more wonderful ideas to help you own a special and significant wedding.

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Author: Sunny Best

I am a blogger who focuses on wedding dresses and mainly writes about the trend of prom dresses.