How to Organize A Yellow Wedding? | 4 Styles of Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

Yellow has always been an underused color in weddings, and unlike the most popular choice of pink weddings, it’s a bright color that many people will worry about. But in my opinion, yellow is a beautiful wedding color that is suitable for all seasons, and it is very easy to match. It represents warmth and enthusiasm and always makes your wedding atmosphere be more cheerful. Today I’d like to share you some inspirations of the yellow wedding, including how to match the yellow bridesmaid dresses and how to decorate the wedding scene. These will definitely give you a most stylish wedding.

babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses
Babaroni bridesmaid dresses
  1. The bouquet of the bride

As usual let us start with the bouquet of the bride, yellow can go well with any other colors, you can choose yellow roses as the main part of the bouquet, and then match them with some white roses or jasmine, and the most outer layer can be wrapped with some big green leaves, you can also put a few scattered cyan fruit in the middle of the bouquet, and at last tie them with a white or silver ribbon.

babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses bouquet
Babaroni yellow bouquet
babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses bouquet
Babaroni yellow bouquet

In addition, a pair of yellow high heels also goes well with a white wedding dress, and can also echo the bride’s bouquet well. This combination can also make the bride look more energetic.

babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses shoes
Babaroni yellow shoes

If the groom chooses a royal blue suit, it will be better to decorate a small yellow flower around the neckline. This will not only make the groom better blend into the happy wedding atmosphere, but also better balance the color match.

babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses flowers
Babaroni yellow flowers
2. Yellow bridesmaid dresses

The bridal wedding dress is always white or ivory, so you had better choose yellow bridesmaid dresses to realize the unification of color. Yellow is a bright color. There are a few colors that belong to this color scheme. There are only four yellow colors at Gold, Daffodil, Lemon and Marigold. Although there are only four colors, each of them has its own characteristics.

Yellow Style 1: Daffodil bridesmaid dresses

Daffodil is a lighter shade of yellow, which better reflects the color of the bridesmaid’s skin. This color of bridesmaid dresses can make your friends look lovelier without stealing the spotlight of the bride. If your wedding will be held on the beach or in a garden, a daffodil bridesmaid dress will better echo the scene of the wedding.

Babaroni daffodil bridesmaid dresses Miranda
Babaroni Miranda
Babaroni daffodil bridesmaid dresses Michaelia
Babaroni Michaelia
Yellow Style 2: Lemon bridesmaid dresses

Lemon is the most prominent color in the yellow department. Your friends will look fresher and livelier when they wear lemon bridesmaid dresses. It goes well with beige high heels and echoes the dress of the bride, and at the same time the atmosphere of your wedding will look more cheerful. All the guests were easily impressed by your wedding.

Babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses Heloise
Babaroni Heloise
Babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses Octavia
Babaroni Octavia
Yellow Style 3: Gold bridesmaid dresses

Gold is the most elegant of the four colors, and the bridesmaid dresses in this color usually make your friends look more graceful. And it’s a great color for taking photos, you’ll be surprised when you review the photos after the wedding.

Babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses Penelope
Babaroni Penelope
Babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses Samantha
Babaroni Samantha
Yellow Style 4: Marigold bridesmaid dresses

Marigold is much brighter than gold. These dresses are more suitable for some lively bridesmaids. Whether it’s a long or short gown, this color will make your girls look tenderer. And they will give your bridesmaids a sense of freedom. They are also better integrated with the theme of yellow wedding.

Babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses Irene
Babaroni Irene
Babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses Kristin
Babaroni Kristin

These yellow bridesmaid dresses will make your friends look livelier and also make your wedding atmosphere be more active. You can match these bridesmaid dresses according to the decorations at your wedding scene and the preferences of your friends. But please keep in mind, the bridesmaids’ opinions are very important no matter how you choose the dress, and you should always consult them in advance.

3. The decorations of the tables

Because yellow is a fresh color, I suggest that the arrangement of the whole wedding scene should not be too complicated, and it is better to give your guests a neat and lively feeling. So I recommend you to choose white or beige tablecloths and white porcelain plates, and they match them with transparent glasses and silverware. The center of the table can be decorated with some yellow chrysanthemums or roses. These will make your guests feel happier at the table.

babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses tables
Babaroni yellow wedding tables

You can also decorate the wedding cake with flowers, the white cream cake with yellow flowers should be very beautiful, or you can build a cake tower with some small cakes, and the top of this tower can be decorated with chrysanthemums, which saves the steps of cutting the cake. The guests can take the cake freely, which is more convenient.

babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses cakes
Babaroni yellow wedding cakes
babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses cakes
Babaroni yellow wedding cakes
4. Other decorations at the wedding scene

Yellow weddings can be held in a variety of venues, especially in gardens and on the beach. You can match the blue sea with the yellow arch, and the wind blowing, that should be very comfortable and beautiful.

Balloons are always the best decoration for the wedding. You can buy some yellow balloons and tie them to the edge of the table, the tent or the back of the guests’ chairs. It’s definitely a fashionable idea and your wedding scene will look more cheerful. After the wedding, the balloons can also be used as gifts to the children.

babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses
Babaroni yellow wedding decorations

In addition, if your wedding will last into the evening, you can also install some warm yellow lights on the top of the tent, so that after nightfall, the atmosphere of the wedding will be warmer and sweeter. Your guests can dance and have dinner under such lights.

babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses
Babaroni yellow wedding decorations
5. The invitations

Here are some designs of invitations that fit with the theme of yellow wedding. These invitations are usually brightly colored and let your guests feel your joy and enthusiasm before attending the wedding.

Babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses

Babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses

Babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses

6. Hand gifts

You can prepare a small gift box for each of your guest, including one postcard of your wedding, a small box of chocolates and a box of yellow macaroons, these will pass your sweetness to your friends. The gifts are clearly not only beautiful, but also delicious.

Babaroni yellow bridesmaid dresses
Babaroni yellow wedding gifts

Here are some inspirations for a yellow wedding. I hope you will like them. More ideas about the colors of bridesmaid dresses will be updated on our Pinterest, you can keep following us. We will also continue to update more new styles of the dresses.