How to Organize a Purple Wedding? | 8 Styles of Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Purple is often regarded as the most romantic color, more and more people would like to choose purple as the main color of their weddings in recent years. Unlike red, which is fiery, or yellow, which is bright and lively, purple is usually associated with elegance and refinement. Such themed weddings are more suitable for spring and autumn. Whether purple bridesmaid dresses or some other wedding decoration will give your wedding guests a romantic and warm feeling. So how to organize a purple wedding In fact, compared with other colors, this will be less difficult, different tones of purple collision will definitely give you a surprise. Let’s wait and see!

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses
Babaroni purple wedding
1. The bouquet of the bride

There are many kinds of purple flowers, such as lilac, lavender, hyacinth and so on. If your wedding will be held outdoors, we suggest you to mix some long purple flowers, such as lavender and violets, berries can also go well with these flowers, and then wrap them in vines and tie them together with white or brown ribbons. These bouquets are more in line with the atmosphere of an outdoor wedding and look more casual. At the same time, the scent of lavender will make you feel more relaxed and happy, and keep you in a good mood all day long.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses
Babaroni purple wedding

But if your wedding is to be held in a church, it’s best to choose some simple purple flowers as the main flower. So that the whole bouquet will look more delicate and neat, and match the solemn atmosphere of the church.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses
Babaroni purple wedding

In addition, since the wedding dress is white, the bride can also weave a purple wreath, which can better echo the bouquet and make you look more elegant.

Champagne heels are perfect for this outfit and you’ll be the focus of the party easily. You’ll be the most visible one, both at the ceremony and photos of the wedding.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses
Babaroni purple wedding
2. Purple bridesmaid dresses

Purple is also a larger color scheme, different tonal purple has different characteristic, some are graceful, some are solemn. There are eight different shades of purple on our So which color can better suit your bridesmaids and your wedding Let’s take a look at these different purple bridesmaid dresses.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses
Babaroni purple wedding

Purple is divided into two major categories, the softer purples and some more solemn purples.

Tender Styles

Style 1: Lavender bridesmaid dresses

Lavender is a more lively color in purple, and girls in this color often look more attractive, it also serves as a color that better accentuates the beauty of the wedding dress.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Cheryl
Babaroni Cheryl
Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Shirley
Babaroni Shirley
Style 2: Lilac bridesmaid dresses

Lilac is a softer color, and your bridesmaids will look more easygoing, and these purple bridesmaid dresses will make your girls look as pure as Lilac.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Lindsay
Babaroni Lindsay
Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Juliet
Babaroni Juliet
Style 3: Dusk bridesmaid dresses

This is the most tender color in purple, and it is also the most suitable color for country weddings, here are two bridesmaid dresses in dusk. Do you like them

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Crystal
Babaroni Crystal
Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Darlene
Babaroni Darlene
Style 4: Wisteria bridesmaid dresses

This color is perfect for the photo shoot, is you match the wisteria bridesmaid dresses with an ivory wedding dress, your wedding photos are absolutely more romantic.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Heloise
Babaroni Heloise
Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Pearl
Babaroni Pearl
Style 5: Tahiti bridesmaid dresses

This is a darker color in purple scheme and is suitable for more elegant girls, and matches it with a silver necklace, your bridesmaids will look more delicate.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Ethel
Babaroni Ethel
Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Lydia
Babaroni Lydia

Solemn Styles

Style 6: Orchid bridesmaid dresses

This color is more dignified than other purple colors, people usually choose these bridesmaid dresses when they hold their wedding in a church.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Isabel
Babaroni Isabel
Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Honey
Babaroni Honey
Style 7: Grape bridesmaid dresses

The grape dresses can better accentuate the skin of your girls. It’s a color which is easy to match and your friends will love it.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Easter
Babaroni Easter
Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Gloria
Babaroni Gloria
Style 8: Regency bridesmaid dresses

This color is suitable not only for the bridesmaids’ dresses, but also for the mother of the bride.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Juliet
Babaroni Juliet
Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses Kama
Babaroni Kama

You can choose these dresses freely according to your bridesmaids’ preferences and your wedding style. Different purple bridesmaid dresses suit different girls. And your mission is to select the most suitable dress to your every girl.

By the way, in such an environment, black suits are not perfect for the groom and his groomsmen, I think a brown or charcoal suit might be better.

3. The decorations of the tables

If you want to choose some simple white tables and chairs, we recommend that you select champagne tablecloths, in addition silver cutlery and glasses are timeless classics. Or you can give up using the tablecloths and select some long tables that made of wood, and decorate them with a row of lilacs or violets in the middle, so that your table decorations will look more natural, or a bit retro.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses

Though the purple cream cake is not novel, but it is a classic and unmistakable choice that better fits the mood and theme of the wedding. But I would recommend a fruit cake with mulberries or grapes, which will be popular with more guests.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses

4. Other decorations at the wedding scene

The purple wedding scene should be very romantic. I would recommend you to hold an outdoor wedding in this theme, so that there are fewer restrictions on the decoration.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses

You can build a few wooden pillars in the place where the ceremony will take place, and hang the lilac chiffon or gauze between each pillar, so that when the breeze blows, the gauze is blown up, adding to the mystery and romance of the wedding ceremony.

In each area of the guests can also place a number of flowerbeds that decorated with lilac or other purple flowers. Other adornments can be decided according to your preference, if the atmosphere is sweet, any adornment can be an appropriate choice.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses

5. The invitations

Here are some purple wedding invitations. Do you like these styles

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses

6. Hand gifts

For such a romantic wedding, a small bottle of dried lavender and a bottle of violet perfume should be perfect gifts for your guests. Everyone will like them and the atmosphere of your wedding will be passed to all your friends.

Babaroni purple bridesmaid dresses

How’s that Do you have a general plan for your wedding These are just a small part of the inspirations of the purple wedding. More novel ideas need to be discovered during the planning process. If you have any new ideas, please feel free to discuss with us.