Most Popular Colors of Wedding Dresses in Fall

Fall is the season when all the flowers and leaves are withering. How can you show your different wedding in this season when all the flowers are withering? What kind of wedding dress color can we choose to make ourselves look more beautiful and show our unique personality color? What kind of color can add points to our wedding and attract everyone’s attention?

Although many times we don’t care whether the color of the wedding dress is suitable for us, we can’t deny that some colors of wedding dresses are more beautiful if they match with the season. For example, bright pink, turquoise green, and white are suitable for summer, dark colors are more suitable for winter, and autumn, in my eyes, there are very wide choices. Below I will introduce to you some wedding colors that are suitable for fall, you can see which color you like and which color suits you.


  1. Burgundy

This color is the perfect choice for fall and winter. This is a dark brown-red wine color, a bit similar to maroon, but a bit more reddish. Suitable for almost everyone, it must be suitable for wedding dresses.

Shop: Megan

2. Mustard Green

This is a color that makes people feel comfortable, lazy, vigorous,and refreshing. It will make your wedding dress a dazzling scene. With some special small designs, it will definitely make your wedding shine.

3. Camel

Camel is the most classic fall color, it is suitable for all kinds of clothing and equipment this season, whether it is pants, sweaters, jackets, or windbreakers. Camel boots are also a good wild choice. It is more aesthetic when this color is applied to wedding dresses.

Shop: Alice

4. Olive green

Unlike mustard green, olive green is more calm and intellectual. You can wear a wedding dress of this color to travel through the forest. The light shines on your body and sets off on your face, making you look grand and energetic.

Shop: Lesley

5. Stormy Blue

It is similar to the color of the sky before the storm. Although many people like all gray or blue, the stormy blue in the middle of the two perfectly blend their calm, fashionable and cool characteristics. This kind of wedding dress gives people a completely new feeling and amazes everyone!

Shop: Moira

6.Sage green

Desert sage green is a pleasing gray-green. It has a strong sense of urban fashion and it is unique. This kind of wedding dress gives you a feeling of nature, especially fresh.

Shop: Mavis

7. Dusty Rose

If you are tired of earth tones, then you still have more bright and feminine choices, just like this rose powder suitable for a wedding dress – pink with a little gray. It is reminiscent of spring and summer, but it is not too abrupt and makes people feel comfortable and natural.

Shop: Daisy


The popularity of this color originated a few years ago, it is a very beautiful color. In the fall season when the leaves are yellow, it is a very conspicuous bright color. It is now favored by many brides.

Shop: Joyce


Purple is an elegant and noble color. In the fall, wearing a purple wedding dress must be the most beautiful bride.

Conclusion: These are the most popular colors of the wedding dress in fall, which can make you more elegant and beautiful, you can choose colors which you like or suit you most.

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Author: Sunny Best

I am a blogger who focuses on wedding dresses and mainly writes about the trend of prom dresses.