Latest Trends for 2020 Weddings and Tips for Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

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We have been asked about the bride’s stress many times. And girls, we do know and understand!  Finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids might be a difficult task if you have not checked BABARONI yet. You hope your bridesmaid squad looks fabulous and dance comfortably all day long. And you also want to pick them affordable dresses to balance the wedding budget. Therefore, that’s really lots of work to do! With so many different colors and styles, fabric and material, how do you make your decision for your big day?

With years’ efforts, BABARONI has served thousands of happy brides and their lovely bridesmaids. We have gained much successful experience for you!

  1. Discuss Before Order

We have learned that there are so many elements we need to consider. That’s why you and your bridesmaids need some necessary discussion before you shop.

1)Time Schedule

Bridesmaids want a perfect fit dress. It should not weigh too large or too small. So experienced tailors often suggest order custom size dress. And that takes time. So the most important thing is to pin your time schedule.  Then when should you order? Based on our experience, we suggest you begin shopping at least one to three months prior to the big day. Then you could spare yourself time to make adjustments and alterations if needed.

2)Color Preference

Color is a must issue to discuss. Some people may have their preferred color considering their skin, hair or other factors. So considerate brides need to discuss the color details to please everyone.

3)Cost and Budget

Usually, bridesmaids pay their own dresses. So be upfront about the costs. Sometimes being a bridesmaid can be expensive! If your girl is not that rich. Please make sure you know her budget in advance. Have an honest conversation with your ‘maids about what they can afford. This will make you all feel comfortable and acceptable.

  • Matching Maids of Honor

It’s very normal and common to wear the same to celebrate big events!  Matching bridesmaids dresses is a great idea if all you bridesmaids love a certain style in a particular color. We can even get trace back to the ancient Rome about the harmonious matching bridesmaid dresses. This idea will look formal and grand. But if you have many bridesmaids, they may not agree on the same style. It is suitable for small bridesmaid squad within 6 persons.

  • Same Color, Different Styles

Sometimes it is difficult to organize the same matching bridesmaid squad. People have different body figure. Sex mermaid style looks perfect on slim girls but may not very proper for plump ladies. So it’s better to allow bridesmaids to choose the styles they like and suit them greatly.  This gives your girls a little freedom to select a style that they feel the best in.  It increases their possibility of wearing the gown again since they pick the style by themselves! And the overall look and consistent color will make your bridal party look wonderful chic and fun.

Pro tip: Please limit bridesmaids’ dress choices to one company to keep the color consistent.

  • Try Short Bridesmaids Dresses

Some people will mistakenly equal formal to long gown, thinking short dresses are not appropriate for weddings. Actually, short dresses will make your wedding party lively and different.

Are you now planning a seaside ceremony or light and wonderful summer nuptials? Short bridesmaid dresses will be a great option for you to consider.

Floating easy-to-wear and comfortable short dresses suit all your girls in the party. Short bridesmaid dresses can complement a beach wedding party and leisure countryside wedding in a great manner. Whether you want a mini chiffon dress, short dress with sequins, or even a tea-length bridesmaid dresses, BABARONI’s options are endless.

Clever and considerate brides will make sure their bridesmaids are comfortable and feel like themselves on your big day. They shouldn’t have to bother with a dress that doesn’t suit their body figure or personal dress style. With a range of material and fabrics, over 66 colors and a variety of styles do we have! BABARONI is a great brand for bridesmaid dress ordering and bridal parties.

Trendy dress design, stylish popular color shade, flattering necklines, we got everything you want! We will always help you create a dreamy color palette for their besties. Whether you want a matching bridesmaid squad or a totally mix-and-match look, we will always offer your stunning dresses and give you a big surprise!

Moreover, we update our customers’ wardrobe every season! And we have crazy discounts on important holidays! Just keep tuned and ready to be shocked!  

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