Is It Better to Buy or Rent Your Wedding Gown?

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We truly understand that your weddings may be affected by this epidemic. However, love is not canceled. We will finally embrace each other and toast to you at your romantic wedding. And today we will discuss a frequently-asked question, “whether I should buy or rent a wedding dress‘.

Rent Pro: Less Money Spent

People usually choose to rent dresses because of the limited wedding budget. One of the most outstanding advantages of renting a bridal gown is to save a lot of expenditure. It usually takes less money than buying a luxurious gown.

Rent Con: Fewer Styles Available

As we have just mentioned above, people rent to save. However, the cost is quite expensive if you want to rent a sumptuous dress. But less budget will absolutely limit your options. That is to say, you might have fewer alternatives if you try to rent dresses.

People may hold a rather traditional opinion that wedding dresses are not cheap. Yes, people have strong reasons to believe that because it takes much time and material for a grand wedding gown. However, nowadays many more factories start selling dresses directly online. This largely cut the extra expenditure than shop from a retailer. As a matter of fact, it is much cheaper to buy a bridal gown especially shopping online.

On the other hand, you will lose the valuable experience of having your own dream dress. This must be the most unforgettable moment during your life. We all hope you could feel proud and get a perfect fit. However, dress-to-rent usually only have a standard which may not be very suitable for your body figure. If you want to have your wedding experience, then do not rent. Save your money, rethink your wedding plan details and pick your own dream dress alongside your best friends and your mother.

Worse, you have to consider the possible loss of your dress if it gets dirty or broken. You will absolutely have a busy schedule on your big day. Your wedding dress will go through many accidents at your wedding. You should be careful of the lipstick stains and wine spilling as well as other situations. And you have to pay for the damages or cleaning fee since they will also rent the dress to next renter.

Buying Pro: Tons of Dress Styles Available

Though there are some advantages to renting a dress, buying your own bridal gown will also bring you much joy and happiness. And you will have tons of fashionable styles. Never limit yourself in the few options. And if you already have a dream dress deeply in your heart, then please do not give up this wonderful chance to put it on.

When you finally receive your new dress, you will arrange additional fittings based on it as well. However, renting the dress does not provide that for you. You will be much careful since this is the dress 100% belongs to you, you will arrange additional fittings based on it as well. However, renting the dress does not provide that for you. You will be much careful since this is the dress 100% belongs to you.

You have a great chance to realize your own design. Add a pocket? Have a slit? More lace hem? You could do nothing if this is a rent dress. However, you could fully realize your own design and preference for your own dress.

Also, you can have a 100% customized dress to flatter yourself. Best time to reward yourself with a perfect stunning bridal gown.

Try your favorite dress in advance. The most important thing is that you could try your wedding dress before your wedding if you buy it. Then you can make some alternations and adjustments if needed. Moreover, you can choose accessories based on this dress. It makes you fully prepared for your big day.

Buying Con: How to Preserve & Store

You look so gorgeous and stunning at your wedding party. Then you begin to consider the storing of your grand wedding. Yes, luxurious dresses need to be preserved in a good manner. Sometimes, the dresses will fade due to long time incorrect storing process

However, you will never need to worry about this problem if you order from BABARONI. We will offer you a great dust-proof bag to help you better preserve your loved dress.


Now, let’s back to the original question. Currently, we do not have a renting service. However, we have a competitive price. You will never worry about the budget. What’s more, we now have a great bulk sale! You will save up to 8% for bulk orders for more than 3 dresses. Feel free to contact our customer service to get the code.

Ladies! Please be assured that we are now operating normally. We will quickly handle your order and ship your products quickly. You will still soon reach your products!

Feel confident to shop at BABARONI all the time! If you have any question, do not hesitate to send emails to [email protected]! Our customer service will soon reply to you to help!

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Author: Sunny Best

I am a blogger who focuses on wedding dresses and mainly writes about the trend of prom dresses.