How to Organize A Perfect Bridesmaid Squad? | 3 pieces of Tips for 2019 Bridesmaid Dresses

Congratulations on your coming wedding in 2019! Usually, people would focus on the bride when attending the wedding. The bridesmaids are often ignored or neglected. But bridesmaids really play an important role at a wedding. So, today, we will pay attention to the bridesmaid dresses because they are your family members or friends. They deserve a luxurious and decent dress to witness your big day.

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To make you a wonderful wedding, our dress designers try their best to design a lot of different styles for brides and their bridesmaids. And we will introduce the fashion trend of 2019 bridesmaid dresses to you. We will never let you down no matter what kind of styles you prefer. We have various styles for you. They can be simple, elegant, or sweeter, romantic. Please keep it in mind that your wedding should be different and special since you are such a unique attractive person.

General Tips

There are several general principles for you to follow. First of all, you have to determine the style or type of wedding. There are many kinds of different weddings like a traditional church wedding, a dynamic beach wedding, a wild forest wedding and so on. If you want a rather simple and relaxed wedding, you can ask your bridesmaids to wear their daily dress. However, we still recommend you to plan a wedding with a sense of ritual. And the style of your wedding is consistent with your personality.

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You can choose your wedding dress and bridesmaids dress based on the subject and topic of your wedding. We often notice that all bridesmaids wear the same dresses. Actually, it is outdated to believe the concept that bridesmaids should wear the same. If you want to highlight everyone’s characters, different styles for each one will be so great. But please pay attention to the color so that they will match your wedding while showing their beauty. If time is permitted, you can let your bridesmaids choose their dresses. Your wedding is supposed to be romantic and unforgettable. Therefore, please attention to every detail. And your considerate plan will make your brides, as well as guests, feel honored and happy.

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No.1 Colors

Colors really mean a lot when selecting a dress particularly a bridesmaid dress for a wedding. Colors demonstrate your personality and characteristics. So people must have their preferred colors. However, if you will be a bridesmaid at your friends’ wedding, we sincerely suggest you pick the color based on the wedding theme. It will show your respect for the bride and will make the wedding harmonious. But please note it does not mean you should pick a color the same as the bride. In fact, people would avoid choosing the same color as the bride’s to keep her look different and unique. So how to be harmonious at all? We suggest you make the color decision according to the warm color and cold color theory. You may wonder the pure ivory wedding dress belongs to the neutral, how could I make a decision then? Well, yes, the white color is a neutral color. You can firstly, discuss with the bride on the wedding theme to make your final choice. Or observe the style of their wedding invitation and their color preference. Finally, do not forget to discuss with other bridesmaids to get more ideas and keep a great harmonious bridesmaid squad.

BABARONI Royal Blue Squad

Limited by color options? BABARONI gives you more. We have up to 64 colors available. From heaven sky blue to passionate burgundy, we will always find your dream color. And our profession dyeing processors will make sure you get the perfect color all the time! Our special colors will never fade. So you do not need to worry about the color fading problems.

BABARONI up to 64 Colors Available

Not sure about the color in a real environment? We got ya! BABARONI always offers the best swatches service. Feel free to order our swatches! Why do I have to pay the shipping fee for swatches? Yes, we are so sorry. Currently, we have to charge the shipping fee for swatches to fix the cost. Because we ship products worldwide. So we have to charge a small number of shipping fees to balance our costs. But there is a piece of a warm tip. You could order more pieces at one time to save more. We will always charge 10 USD only no matter how many pieces of swatches you will order.


But we do have splendid color recommendations. Introduce our best selling and popular color slate blue. As a matter of fact, this is a color going viral for years! It must be the first recommendation of all the colors. This color looks formal, dignified, elegant, and calm. Take a quick look at our slate blue hue. I believe you will soon find your dream dress!


We strongly recommend illusion style and long sleeves for Fall and Winter wedding to keep you elegant and warm at the same time. Melissa is a typical star in the illusion dresses. This long chiffon gown with an illusion neckline in the slate color looks so beautiful and attractive. It is our new style with an invisible collar. The transparent design on the back makes the dress more mysterious. We love the sheer sexy key-hole on the back so much!

BABARONI Melissa Chiffon Gown
BABARONI Melissa Chiffon Gown
BABARONI Melissa Chiffon Gown

Nelly is the 100% correct choice for the color slate blue. The deep V-neck chiffon dress with slit appears sexy and charming. Nelly is a beautiful full-length chiffon dress. The deep V neck is its most significant feature which makes this dress so stunning and sexy. The special shoulder design makes you look like a dignified Queen.

BABARONI Nelly Bridesmaid Dress
BABARONI Nelly Bridesmaid Dress
BABARONI Nelly Bridesmaid Dress

No.2 Styles

As we all know, there are so many different dress styles. A-line silhouette is the most classic one. The mermaid style looks sexy and hot. Sweetheart makes you look lovely and sweet. The off-shoulder style looks really elegant and graceful. So how do you find your styles for a wedding?

BABAONI Mermaid Dress Gloria

We believe you should select the style according to the body figure. If your bridesmaids are hot and sexy particularly then have a proud body figure, we would recommend the mermaid ones. Gloria is our famous mermaid star. It is the perfect style for any bridesmaid looking for beautiful back detail. The lovely neckline will look great on everyone in your bridal party. But please note the mermaid dress is really picky about the body figure. So please discuss with your bridesmaids in advance to get the accurate measurements.

BABAONI Mermaid Dress Gloria
BABAONI Mermaid Dress Gloria

A-line dresses suit most people for sure. And the ball gown style A-line dresses are the best helper for the pregnant bridesmaids. Elodie is our famous A-line dress. And the special design makes it the best choice for expecting mother bridesmaids.

BABARONI A-line Dress Elodie

Never miss Beryl if you prefer the strapless one with a cute sweetheart neck. Beryl is a beautiful floor-length chiffon dress. This elegant dress features the pleated strapless neck design. The invisible zipper on the back makes you look gorgeous.

BABARONI Dresses with Sweetheart Neck

We have discussed a similar question, you can get inspirations here “How Do I Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress 5 Tips to Help You Make a Decision“.

BABARONI Dress with Sweetheart Neckline

No.3  Fabric

Chiffon is famous for its light characteristics. And it is comfortable to wear. We combine the sequins with chiffon since many consumers are fond of our chiffon fabrics a lot. Here are 2 popular gorgeous dresses. They are Amaris and Belle. Let’s enjoy its beautiful design together.

BABARONI has many fabric availble

The main feature of Amaris is its special cap sleeves. And its open back design will also impress you a lot. It is modern, novel and popular. Amaris can always highlight your beauty and personal characteristics.

BABARONI Chiffon Gown Amaris

Belle is sexy and unique for its one-shoulder design. It looks elegant and special. Many consumers are fond of Belle’s neck design. You will feel comfortable wearing in Belle because we apply the chiffon to dress breathable.

BABARONI Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress Belle

we also have the most popular sequined bridesmaid dresses. This is absolutely the trend of 2019. And it is easy for us to understand as well. Sequined bridesmaid dress looks elegant and shining. Its special material makes the dress so luxurious. It easily meets various expectations of different types of weddings. And our fashion designers will always keep up with the trend to design more stylish sequin dresses. We have various sequin colors for you to select, including gold, grape, rose gold, metallic gold, etc. And the color rose gold and metallic gold is the most popular among them.

BABARONI Sequin Dress Alva

Check out our well-know sequin star Alva. This long sequins dress with off the shoulder looks really pretty. Off the shoulder design allows you to perfectly release a woman’s little sexy. Its a line style also highlights your perfect body curve. This dress is suitable for both bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses as well.

BABARONI Sequin Gown Alva
BABARONI Sequin Bridesmaid Dress Alva

Next, we will introduce the tulle bridesmaid dresses to you. They are and will be popular for years. We believe people would still love its breathable material. What’s more, tulle dresses have their advantage for their fabric. They usually look fluffier and sweeter. Designers often prefer this material because they are easy to build hard and still styles.

Please take a look at Ishtar. It is a tulle bridesmaid dress with a halter neckline. The lower part of the dress is made of tulle. It is specially designed to highlight women’s beauty and attractive body silhouette. Besides, we strongly recommend a silver color. It will make you look elegant and charming.

BABARONI Tulle Gown Ishtar

Joan owns a simple and common design. But the abundant colors will give you different feelings. And its sweetheart neckline will also make you look cuter and more adorable.

BABARONI Tulle Bridesmaid Dress Joan

Kelly and Aida stand out for simplicity. They always occupy a place on the top sellers.  They own the traditional design and modern fabric at the same time. The perfect combination made them novel and fashionable. There is no doubt that Kelly and Aida appear a lot at this year’s wedding.

BABARONI Tulle Bridesmaid Dress Kelly

In conclusion

Today, we have introduced several beautiful bridesmaid dresses to you. We hope you can get some special ideas for your wedding or other significant events.  

We will continue to update our blogs to share other interesting and useful information ranging from jewellery to various dresses with you in the future. Please follow us to read more.BABARONI makes all your wedding dreams reality.

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