Having A Romantic Memory: 9 Tips For taking wedding photos by the sea

Dear new couples, have you chosen where to take your wedding photos? I found that many brides and grooms prefer sea views when choosing locations for their wedding photos. With the azure blue sea as the background of the wedding photos, it can bring out the beauty and romance of the wedding photos. The beautiful bride wears a white wedding dress and walks with the bridegroom hand in hand on the beach. The sea breeze is blowing slowly, and the waves hit their feet. The boundless sea symbolized eternal love. This scene is truly romantic.

But when new couples decide to take wedding photos at the beach, do you pay attention to the things when shooting sea view wedding photos? Below I will summarize a few precautions of shooting for you,I hope these suggestions are helpful to you.

beach wedding
  • Firstly, please remember to bring a pair of close-fitting denim shorts, because when you take wedding photos on the beach, there is not a dressing room. Therefore, in order to change clothes on the beach and not run out, it is the best choice to prepare a pair of close-up jeans in advance.
romantic wedding
  • Remember to wear a beautiful and Hawaiian hat. On the one hand, it can protect against sun protection, on the other hand, it can serve as a foil for wedding dresses.
romantic memory
  • Because there will be more mosquitoes and insects on the beach, you will show your shoulders and arms when wearing a wedding dress. Therefore, it is recommended that you should prepare anti-mosquito-related supplies before taking pictures, and it is best to bring a beautiful umbrella, which can not only protect against sun but also in case of rain.
  • Besides, if you choose to go to the beach to take wedding photos in summer, you should apply sunscreen on your bare bodies before taking photos, even though there is no sun at that time. Because the ultraviolet rays on the beach are relatively strong, they will pass through the clouds, and when the sea breeze blows, the skin will be tanned a lot. If you do not apply sunscreen, it is easy to sunburn your skin.
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  • Both the bride and the groom should prepare a pair of good-looking slippers that is comfortable and can be photographed. In addition, in order to match a short wedding dress, you had better bring a pair of beautiful high heels, but I believe that this pair of high heels will be scrapped after the photos are taken.
  • When you take sea-view wedding photos, you must remember to bring more casual clothes, so that there have more choices. And if you encounter bad weather, you can at least guarantee dry clothes to wear. So in order to prevent yourself from catching a cold, take a casual outfit!
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  • You can also bring some of your favorite wedding accessories and props. If you have the opportunity, let them leave an eternal memory in your wedding photos. Maybe the accessories which you bring can also add to your sea view wedding photos.
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  • In addition, if you plan to take sexy swimsuit wedding photos, you can also bring your favorite swimsuit. Of course, the more beautiful the better, professional photographers will make your swimsuit wedding photos have a different feeling.
  • Finally, it is recommended that new couples should not be too excited before taking pictures, have enough sleep, and a good mental state. Last but not least, you can bring some small snacks on the day of taking photo so that you can replenish your energy in time after the shooting.


Taking wedding photos is an important thing, and choosing a shooting location is also very important. Taking wedding photos at the beach is a good choice. The above is a bit of advice I mentioned about taking wedding photos at the beach. Finally, I hope you will have a romantic memory of your wedding.

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Author: Sunny Best

I am a blogger who focuses on wedding dresses and mainly writes about the trend of prom dresses.