What Brings BABARONI a Huge Success

Top Dress Manufacturer Company Culture and Value Sharing

Brief Introduction

BABARONI Company Culture and brand value sharing. The secret of babaroni sale growth. Customer-first value and culture introduction.

Throughout our years’ efforts, BABARONI gains a huge success in the prom gown and bridesmaid dress market. We could easily notice the increment in the number of our consumers and sales. Also, many famous market research notices that as well.

Today, we will introduce a well-known market research institution for you. Acquire Market Research is a market research-based company empowering companies with data-driven insights. They provide Market Research Reports with accurate and well-informed data, Real-Time with Real Application. A good research methodology proves to be powerful and simplified information that applied right from day-to-day lives to complex decisions helps us navigate through with vision, purpose and well-armed strategies. At Acquire Market Research, they constantly strive for innovation in the techniques and the quality of analysis that goes into our reports.

We are very honored to be one of their research objects in their GLOBAL PROM GOWNS MARKET 2020 TOP MANUFACTURERS RESEARCH. They always research a certain topic in various aspects and perspectives. They also make a detailed Market Segmentation of the Global Prom Gowns Market. They get data, comparison and conclusion from different angels ranging from dress type, dress style, and dress occasion and application.

We are so honored to gain a great evaluation in their research and assessment. Nowadays, we are more and more frequently being asked the question of the secret of your success. We have to admit that there is no shortcut to any success. However, we may get some inspirations from our company culture to explain our sales growth.

1.Customer-oriented Value

We always feel grateful to our customers. All of our staff truly appreciate consumers’ trust and purchase. Our website operating team always works hard to better our site to make sure you get friendly user experience. You may find we now have more and more useful and helpful functions and buttons on our website. Because our technology team is always glad to hear suggestions from our customers to improve our site. Our customer service(CS) department attaches great importance to our customers. They also make a great customer-oriented return policy to help customers shop with much confidence! And they devote themselves fully to their work to help customers get the latest information on their orders. Consumers usually get confirmation emails within 24 hours( 48 hours in peak seasons) after their payment. And they will update the tracking information as soon as possible. All we want to do is to make sure you shop without any worries.

In addition, we also have a great service to make based on your picture. If you find a great dress and want to lower the price, we are the best choice! We will customize your dress based on the picture you send to us. We only need a few photos including the front, back, side and details. Then you will get exactly the same dress!

What’s more, our customized service will offer your perfect fit all the time. No matter you want to order for your lovely flower girls, expecting mother, or plus size, we will always make you satisfied!

BABARONI thanks every order and appreciate all the trust from our customers. Therefore, the most important company value is Customers come first all the time!

2.  Follow the Trend and Seasonally Update

As part of the fashion industry, BABARONI design department always keeps an eye on the trend. You will always find our site fashionable and stylish. That’s because we follow the trend all the time to make sure your dress stylish!

Moreover, our design department has a great original design and we update our products seasonally. You will always find great dresses in every single season! We have great vigorous green chiffon dress for Spring, airy dusty blue gowns for Summer, elegant wisteria color dresses for Fall, and passionate burgundy gowns for Winter.

Hundreds of styles, up to 66 colors available will make you so impressed!

3.  Embrace the Change

Like other successful companies in the world, we have a detailed plan for our year operation. However, in contrary to other companies, we also embrace the change.

With the rapid growth of our sales, we now have more orders than usual. Sometimes we have pressure to process all the orders on time. However, stress will never help. We admit the reality and analyze our ability. Therefore, we now recruit more talented staff to process more orders.

All of our staff have the thought of plan B. We will always work hard to make sure customers get their products on time. We are never afraid of the change. Instead, we are courageous to make another plan to fix all the problems. BABARONI always wants to be your reliable manufacturer and partner.

We also feel grateful for your kindness and understanding.


We maybe not perfect, but we are trying to be a better company. We are glad to find more customers now enjoy our great products at affordable prices.

Thanks so much for your time! And we now have a piece of great news for you! You can order fabric to DIY your dresses now! Yes, we find that we have so many talented customers. They have great ideas and want to create a beautiful dress by themselves. We like that! Therefore, we upload the fabric link for you. You can order all kinds of fabric from chiffon, lace, satin and so on. Meanwhile, the price is very nice! That would be a great way to save your budget!

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