Less is More:BABARONI Top 5 Minimal-Chic Bridesmaid Dresses

Have you ever noticed the people appear on the Forbes cover? Have you ever found that the world’s most successful people often wear minimalism clothing? Coco Chanel had a famous saying, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” By saying that, she wanted to state that simplicity can be as memorable and as sophisticated as any trend of the moment.

Are you looking for some chic images for your wedding?  With the right bridesmaid dresses, the sleek and fitted look can be elegant and elevated. BABARONI has tons of options for you and your bridesmaid squad. Keep reading to discover the top 5 most popular simple chic bridesmaid dresses! Known for their gorgeous wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, BABARONI’s aesthetic is very popular and refined. If you are eager to find a simple elegant look on the big day, consider the following dresses first.

No.1 BABARONI DELIA:Low Back, High Potential

BABARONI Delia always easily catches your attention and keep you focused on this dress. Evoking a classic staring with its simple classic V neckline and softly flared skirt, the Delia Bridesmaid Dress will look pop in front of a wedding backdrop. Moreover, we have up to 64 different colors. Feel free to choose between the most popular colors, like wisteria, dusty blue and ‘pearl pink’. You’re bound to create a perfect lovely look for your bridesmaids with the Delia bridesmaid dress. This chiffon dress can be coupled with a thin jacket or a nice coat in Fall or Winter, which can be both stunning and practical on a cold winter wedding!


The Delia dress does not have many complex designs.  But Delia does play a clever trick on its back. The deep V neck reveals your sheer back and appealing skin.  The simplicity makes this dress stand out. Simple but wow-so-elegant! The low back releases the high potential for you to show your charm. This simple flowy style can be dressed up with interesting but simple accessories. Never choose too exaggerated accessories to break the perfect minimal balance. We think it works great with a simple silver necklace!


No.2 BABARONI AUDREY: Seize the day

Featured with an empire narrow waist that creates a straight silhouette, the BABARONI Audrey Bridesmaid Dress looks incredibly elegant for a dream wedding, especially in the Winter. The delicate lace bodice on the upper dress coupled with the special single shoulder design adds to the flattering appearance of this bridesmaid gown. For bridesmaids looking to have an alluring yet sophisticated look, the Audrey may be the perfect option. We also like the 90’s feel of this bridesmaid gown, which is completely sweet and lovely for any bridesmaids wanting to feel a little nostalgia.


If you want to be simple but special, Audrey is exactly what you are looking for! If you want to seize the big day, try to seize the Audrey, and then you will have everything. The BABARONI Audrey looks fantastic with a classic simple necklace or black choker. Keep it stylish and modern with just a touch of sparkle in the earrings. And you could also wear only a piece of earrings to be harmonious with the asymmetrical dress.


No.3 BABARONI DOMINIC: Classy in a Sweetheart Neck

If you want a dress that is both sleek and stylish, look no further than BABARONI’s Dominic. With an elegant handmade sweetheart neck, this gorgeous bridesmaid gown features an asymmetrical hem design and flowy A-line silhouette. Made with high flat chiffon that is incredibly light and airy, your bridesmaids won’t have to worry about getting too hot on the dance floor. Still, the special design provides great chances to show your beautiful ankles.


This simple look doesn’t need much styling. We recommend skipping a complex necklace for this one and instead focusing on an interesting pair of small earrings. And your neat hairstyle will highlight the beauty of this gown in full force.


No.4 BABARONI WANDA: Lace Matches Chiffon

Trying to be simple when attending a wedding party? Do not try those dress with too many complex design elements. BABARONI Wanda may give you some inspirations. Lace is the only decoration of this neat dress. But the perfect combination of lace and chiffon makes this dress incredibly perfect and sleek.


Besides, this spaghetti strap dress with a sexy v neck looks so stunning. Our designers create a sexy high slit in the front which makes this dress more appealing and attractive. Our customers are fond of this dress so much. They all gave us great positive feedback saying this dress always catch people’s attention with its simple style and delicate lace.  

No.5 BABARONI ELVA:Minimal Chic Style

The Elva bridesmaid dress is a super elegant tulle bridesmaid gown with thin spaghetti straps. It captures minimal chic with ease. The deep v neckline allows you to show your charming chest curve at events.  With delicate pleated chestal bodice a fit-and-flare skirt, this full-length dress achieves the perfect balance of being simple and interesting.


When we talk about the fabric of bridesmaid dresses, chiffon must be the first choice because of its breathable quality. However, some customers are a huge fan of tulle. Tulle has great advantages as well. They are breathable and look high and luxurious. And BABARONI loves tulle as well. We have many great tulle dresses including prom dress and bridesmaid dress. However, when it comes to simple style, Elva is the first option. Simple but classic. You will be so feminine and charming when wearing this classic silhouette.


Get Your Sleek On Now

Fall and Winter weddings are approaching! Do not wait until it’s too late to get yourself a perfect bridesmaid gown. You do not want to have some regrets at the wedding, right? Let BABARONI help you capture the beauty of a winter wedding and your bridesmaids with our simple and stunning selection of sleek bridesmaid dresses. BABARONI carries many sleek and minimal styles that will make your wedding more special and unforgettable.

BABARONI Chic Dresses

Some people may worry “may I look common when wearing simple dresses”. Dear, there is no need to worry about that because simple is not equal to common at all. Complex dresses may make people feel dizzy and confusing. But proper simple neat dresses will always make you so shining and glamour.

BABARONI Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to the accessories to match your simple dress, we highly recommend simple accessories to get a harmonious overall image. So consider 2 fundamental elements to help you make decisions. First, color. Do not choose a bold color like a fluorescent color. White, ivory, and gray are great options. Second, styles. Try to avoid too exaggerated styles like a big ring or large geometric patterns. Small cute diamonds or little pearls are worth considering.

BABARONI Color & Style Matches

As to your makeup, just focus on one principle. Being neat. But you could still enlighten your eyebrow and eyelash, just do not put on smoky makeup. Match the lipstick with your dress color will give you an impressive image.

Now it’s the time to get your sleek on. If you still have no idea or good options, BABARONI is the right and first choice for you.  We are the trends offering you the choice of the future.

In conclusion

Today, we mainly introduce our top 5 most simple sleek dresses for you. Different from super complex and sophisticated styles, simple dresses hit people immediately because of its neat image. Nowadays, more and more bridesmaids are fond of simple style bridesmaid gowns. Such a neat image will give them a clean and pure style at the wedding as well.

BABARONI Bridesmaid Dress

Delia‘s low back releases high potential which makes people impressive. Audrey helps seize your big day. Dominic has a cute classy sweetheart neck which makes you so stunning and attractive. Wanda gets a perfect combination with lace and chiffon. Elva is our minimal chic style which is worth trying.


Being stunning does not mean you have to be that complex. Being simple but attractive is much more difficult than being complex. But you have our help! BABARONI is the trend. We always find new trends for you. Moreover, a simple style is the best choice for a bridesmaid. Simplicity is power. When you are sure to be simple, that means you are powerful enough to present yourself instead of exaggerated clothes. Show your power, show your confidence with a piece of simple dress from BABARONI.

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Reach the Limit of Sky: Our Top 5 Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Looking for bridesmaid dress idea? If you Google the search term dusty blue bridesmaid dress, you’ll quickly find that the dusty blue shades are so popular. There are so many beautiful dusty blue bridesmaid gowns on the Internet or shared on social media. That’s true. Dusty blue dresses are now everywhere. Dusty bridesmaid dresses are bold in color but dignified in styles. 

I bet you have noticed that dusty shades of blue are taking the wedding world by storm. These soft, romantic hues quickly go viral on the Internet. And right, they are good at presenting bridesmaids in the best way. BABARONI is famous for its dusty blue dresses. We love this beautiful hue so much. The color dusty itself is a wonderful charming picturesque on their own. Meanwhile, it always works perfectly with other shades and patterns. If you are looking for a wedding color inspiration, dusty blue is absolutely a worthy try. It is the dream wedding color. So today we will recommend our top 5 most beautiful and best selling dusty blue bridesmaid dresses! They are all dreamy, angelic and gorgeous! Never miss these charming dresses!


The color dusty blue is a calming and peaceful hue. So it is suitable for formal and dignified styles. And Brook is a vivid example. It is an Applique and Beaded Dress with Sweetheart Neck. The classic A-line cut allows everybody and figure to fit in perfectly and comfortably. Delicate applique upper bodice makes this dress so dignified. Smooth empire high waistband plays a clever visual trick to make you look even taller. Though we have up to 64 colors available, Brook appears its best look in the color dusty blue. This beautiful dress of vintage style looks really appealing and graceful.

Brook has a super beautiful vintage back design.  Handmade applique is sewed on the transparent tulle. And special pattern enlightens the whole back impression.

BABARONI Brook Dusty Blue
BABARONI Brook Dusty Blue


When it comes to the visual trick, no one knows much better than Miranda. This spaghetti strap lace and chiffon dress is so elegant and graceful. Special off-shoulder design highlights your sexy shoulder and attractive hollow.  The shallow V neck presents your charming chest while avoiding exposing too much.  Talented designers use delicate lace to make a beautiful pleated upper bodice. Therefore, the upper skirt looks so delicate and attractive. And the thin smooth waistband reveals your narrow waist. The light and flowy skirt make you look graceful and dignified. Moreover,  the dress appears so elegant, particularly in the color dusty blue.

BABARONI Miranda Dusty-Blue
BABARONI Miranda Dusty Blue

Miranda is our best selling dress. She really has good reasons because of the elegant silhouette and sexy shoulder features. However, we find most customers would like to select the color dusty blue when ordering this dress. Data is the secret behind the success.  Miranda is flawless in the color dusty blue. We have strong reason to recommend this dress!

BABARONI Miranda DustyBlue


Bryony looks so beautiful in the dusty blue color.  This is a pretty V-neck lace lining tulle dress. Though it is our 2019 fall new arrival, it sells quite well. The delicate lace bodice makes this dress charming and attractive. Bryony looks romantic in the wisteria color. However, it looks really appealing and dignified in the color dusty blue.  The pleated chestal design in dusty blue is abundant in changes. And this color perfectly highlights your skin and makes you look stunning.

BABARONI Bryony Dusty Blue

And Bryony has a special back design. We adapt straps back design to highlight your back. And the thin straps make you look sexy and eye-catching.

BABARONI Bryony Dusty Blue


Simple, neat, elegant. That’s what most customers impression on our dress Cassiopeia. We all share a positive impress on this great simple dress. This v neck chiffon dress knows the charm of simplicity. She abandons the complex design to be simple. And it turns out she is right. She stands out for its simplicity. The only little decoration of this dress is the cute bow sash on the behind. The sash makes you look tender and soft. If the style is simple, try to catch people with its color. That’s our secret. Therefore, please choose dusty blue if you want to try Cassiopeia. This elegant color brings charm and glory to this dress.

BABARONI Cassiopeia Dusty Blue

Moreover, Cassiopeia owns a charming V shape open back detail. The invisible zipper makes this dress flawless and delicate.

BABARONI Cassiopeia Dusty Blue


Nydia is stunning, charming and unstoppable. This halter v Neck chiffon gown gains lots of positive reviews and great feedback on social media. The halter design and deep v neck highlights your proud chest and shows your feminine beauty. The high empire waistband presents your narrow waist and makes you look taller.  Moreover, the dress takes a bold open-back design. She wants to be the center of focus all the time. People would stare at your beautiful back even though you are walking far away.

BABARONI Nydia Dusty Blue

Nydia adapts a classic A-line cut which will make you comfortable to wear and easy to move. The special 3D cut makes this dress perfect and gorgeous.

BABARONI Nydia Dusty-Blue
BABARONI Nydia Dusty Blue

Tips: Accessories Ideas with Dusty Blue Dresses

During our last blog How Do You Pick a Bridesmaids Dress Color 7 Important Elements You May Neglect, we have talked about the color classification. Yes, dusty blue belongs to the cold color. Therefore, if you want a harmonious dusty blue overall image, a similar color like gray, silver and steel gray are great choices. However, if you want to create a strong color shock impress, feel free to do some bold try. But if you are not a color expert, and you want to be safe at looking. The color white and gray is the best for you.

If you want to choose a pair of earring, actually we suggest you do that, silver ones with small diamond are better than the colorful strange ones. People like pearl earrings because they are beautiful. However, we do not suggest you do that as a bridesmaid. Because the bride usually chooses a pair of earrings to match their pure white or ivory bridal gowns. Therefore, try to avoid being the same as the bride. The silver earrings decorated with diamond are a great choice.

Accessories Ideas with Dusty Blue Dresses

A necklace is highly recommended as well. Bridesmaids usually choose a v neck dress. That’s a perfect choice for you to wear a necklace. But remember to choose simple ones. And do not choose multi-layer necklace which will make you look overwhelmed. Just a silver necklace with a small diamond or zircon is perfect.

The shoes can be high heels or flat, both okay. But you should make the final decision based on your dress. If your dress is a little bit long, high heels can help. If you are already very tall, and the dress is good when you are barefoot. Then you are free to wear flats. When choosing the color of shoes, we believe white and gray ones are suitable. Do not neglect the color of your shoes and think people would not notice that. However, details are everything.

BABARONI Dusty Blue Dress

In conclusion

Today, we mainly introduce our top 5 most popular dusty blue dresses for you. Nowadays, the dusty blue color is becoming more and more welcomed and popular. This color is so inclusive that it is suitable for everybody of different ages and skins.

We flipped and fell in love with this beautiful color when we noticed so many gorgeous beautiful wedding moments in the dusty blue shades. And that’s why we particularly select this hot color to make a detailed introduction. Moreover,  we pick our top 5 most elegant dusty blue dresses for your reference. We make a concrete explanation on the style, details, neck and back design.

BABARONI Dusty Blue Dresses

Brook is famous for the upper bodice and vintage back detail. Miranda has a charming off-shoulder design. Bryony‘s v neck is so attractive. Cassiopeia in dusty blue looks gorgeous. Nydia knows the charm of simplicity.  

And we also shared some helpful tips for you to select the accessories to match dusty blue dresses. Remember to select simple styles. You do not need to be as complex as a bride. However, please pay attention to the color of your shoes. people will notice every single detail.

We believe you must have some other gorgeous talented idea about the popular dusty blue dresses. Feel free to share with us!

BABARONI Dusty Blue Gowns

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Top 5 Stunning Re-wearable Bridesmaid Dresses | Make Your Bridesmaid Dresses Worth

People are usually afraid of the high price of bridesmaid dresses though many retailers like BABARONI spares no effort to cut the price. Why? Because most people assume they only wear the dress one time for friends’ big day. Who would like to pay 200 USD for a one-time dress?

BABARONI Real Wedding

However, all the guests will know your intimacy with the bride. And you will prepare fully and carefully for the wedding. You smile, you laugh, you dance, you cry and you wear coordinated bridesmaid dress on your best friend’s big day.  All looks wonderful and perfect, but after all the big day is over, what will you do with your bridesmaid dresses? Put them into your wardrobe forever?

Nobody is willing to pay for a dress they only wear one time. But what if we told you it was possible to re-wear your bridesmaid dresses?  You could still make it wearable for many more occasions. That will make your bridesmaid dresses worth a deal! Read on to discover BABARONI top 5 stunning re-wearable bridesmaid dresses with staying power.

BABARONI Real Wedding

No.1 BABARONI Nydia, Bold Design Excellent Try

This is an A-line Halter V-neck Floor-length Chiffon Open Back Dress. Classic A-line cut is good at hiding your belly. If you are not so confident about your body figure, A-line is your perfect choice. It is an elegant silhouette. And the halter design, as well as the sexy deep v neck, makes this dress so appealing.


And the open back detail is its wonderful feature. The bold full open-back design is so alluring and charming. It is a great choice for a bridesmaid dress. Also, people will be impressed if you wear it at a cocktail party.

Nydia itself is very flawless. If you wear it on your friend’s big day, we suggest you not wear too much jewelry. However, if you will appear in a fancy cocktail party, please make sure you take a nice handbag or purse with you. And you could wear a thin simple necklace. That will be a stunning image. You will be the focus of that night in the pretty Nydia dress.


And here is the conclusion. Try to choose a fashion dress with a bold design like open back or deep v neck. Because you could make full use of the dress to attend a friend’s birthday party or cocktail party.

No.2 BABARONI Modesty, Elegance is the Secret

Modesty is a Column Deep V-neck Full-length Dress with Lace Upper Bodice and Key-hole Back. Try to be elegant and dignified? Column silhouette will realize your dream.  Such silhouette will make you look stunning and decent. And Modesty uses the vintage lace to make its upper bodice so that the dress looks really classic and vintage. The perfect combination with lace and chiffon brings a sense of retro style to this dress.

BABARONI Modesty Dark Navy

Modesty also has an attractive and charming back design. The special key-hole design perfectly shows your flawless back while avoiding exposing too much.

And if you really like Modesty, we strongly recommend you choose the dark navy color. Remember dark color will make you look formal and dignified.

Modesty is a great dress to wear for many different occasions. It could be a great bridesmaid dress for sure. But you will be the centre of focus if you wear it attending a gala. It is a formal decent dress. And it will always make you look so graceful and elegant.

BABARONI Modesty Dark Navy

Want more re-wearable bridesmaid dresses? Check column silhouette to find a surprise!

No.3 BABARONI Sally, Sexy & Allure Slit

Sally is our 2019 fall new arrival. It is a great work from our talented designers. This is an A-line Floor-length Off-shoulder Cap Sleeves Chiffon Dress with Slit.

BABARONI Sally Sky Blue

Sally is really an alluring beauty. The sexy and bold off-shoulder design reveals your hot alluring shoulders and neck. And off-shoulder dresses are so popular nowadays. You must be fashion and trendy in the stylish Sally dress.

And the high slit is really attractive.  You could show your sexy legs and thin ankles. Moreover, it is very easy for you to simply walk or dance because the slit gives you space to stretch out. Plus, the high slit creates the perfect opportunity to show off a killer pair of shoes.

It will be a perfect prom dress after the big day of your friends. You will impress all the attenders when you dance gracefully at the dance pool. You will look so elegant and eye-catching in Sally dress.

BABARONI Sally Sky Blue

No.4 BABARONI Nelly, Neutral Style Fits More

Sometimes, passionate weddings have obvious and typical features like burgundy bridesmaid dresses. Therefore, dark color and neutral styles may fit more occasion.

And Nelly is a great choice. This is a symmetrical neutral style dress. The deep v neck makes you stunning and fantastic. The special slit shoulders are designed for a queen like you. It looks so dignified. Nelly also has an empire waistband which will make you look taller and slimmer.

BABARONI Nelly Sky Blue

The conservative back design makes you look decent and noble.  Sally is surely suitable for a graceful bridesmaid, but it could work perfectly at a formal celebration event like a grand opening. It will make you look formal and official.

BABARONI Nelly Sky Blue

No.5 BABARONI Phoebe, Tulle Gown Always Brings Surprise

Try to think out of the box. Or tell yourself there is no box.  A bridesmaid dress could be a ball gown, vice versa. Phoebe is one of our most popular balls gowns. But who says a ball gown can not be a bridesmaid dress?

This A-line Illusion Neck Floor-length Two Colors Tulle Dress with Floral Applique is so elegant. And it is really suitable for many different occasions. It could be a fairy bridesmaid dress. It could also be a dreamy ball gown. It works well in a prom. It shines perfectly in an evening party.

If you find the correct one, you will wear it many times. And you can impress people every single time.

BABARONI Phoebe Champagne
BABARONI Phoebe Champagne

Tips: How to Re-wear a Bridesmaid Dress

Firstly, focus on your makeup and hairstyle. People will pay attention to your overall image from long distance when you stand far from you. However, when you walk close to you, then will pay much attention to your makeup and hairstyle. So if you want to be different and stunning with the same dress, please focus on your makeup and hairstyle. These small changes will make a big difference.

Secondly, wear something different. Accessories are very important for formal occasions. People will be impressed by your pure pearl necklace. Or the diamond ring will shine all night. And your special bracelet will give people an unforgettable memory. Therefore, please remember to wear something different to leave people an extraordinary impression.

Next, your handbag or purse matters. There is a fashion modern saying, “bags heal, bags cures”. Nowadays, ladies’ bags are way more than a container. They are symbols of ladies’ fashion taste. So please try to carry a fashion bag with you. Though you wear the same dress to many different occasions, people would still feel you are so fresh with different stylish bags.

Finally, be confident. If you check out fashion ladies or sexy models on the magazine cover, you will probably find that you are impressed simply by their confident face. I believe you can not figure out what did they wear, but their face or look could still be in your mind. So try to be confident. You are so charming and attractive whatever you wear. Do not worry about whether you have wore the dress before or not. You are different and gorgeous because it’s you not someone else.

In conclusion

In today’s blog, we shared a helpful topic on how to make full use of your bridesmaid dresses. Many people thought they could not wear the bridesmaid dress anymore because they have worn it for the wedding. Actually, you could wear it for so many different occasions like galas, parties, balls, proms, dances, gallery openings, fancy photo shoots, evening parties, beauty pageants, karaoke, cocktail parties popcorn at home with your girlfriends…You name it!

And we have shared some useful tips for you to select bridesmaid dresses that could be worn for many different events. Bold V neck dresses are suitable for both weddings and great evening party. Column dresses are really elegant. You could wear such dresses in other formal events. Dresses with a sexy slit are abundant of changes. You could be sexy and alluring in a prom wearing such dresses.  Neutral styles are great choices as well. And you could also take advantage of your prom gown. Besides, exchanging dresses with your friends sounds great as well.

In order to make you better understand the useful strategies, we also give you some vivid examples. We carefully select top 5 most beautiful dresses suit for many more different occasions.

We believe smart you must have more great tips to make use of your bridesmaid dresses! Please do not hesitate to share with us. And if you want to a more interesting topic like ‘Best Silhouette at a Wedding’ please keep following our blog!

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How Do You Pick a Bridesmaids Dress Color? | 7 Important Elements You May Neglect

How do you feel in a gray room? Why do you feel so calm when seeing a peaceful blue sea? Do you notice that you will be much happier in a yellow car?

You may get different imagination and feeling when thinking about the questions above. And that is exactly our topic for today’s blog: Colors. Actually, this will be an endless topic. In 1666, English famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton discovered that the pure white light separates into all of the visible colors when it passes through a prism. That’s human being’s scientific study in the physical field. And many scientists from other fields like philosophy,psychology and sociology devoted much time studying how different colors influencing our behavior and cognition. And they did find some interesting results.

The color red has been found to influence sports performance. During the 2004 Summer Olympics the competitors in boxing, taekwondo, freestyle wrestling, and Greco-Roman wrestling were randomly given blue or red uniforms. While over 55% of athletes in red uniforms achieved greater scores and won the game.

Psychologists found people usually describe black as a “powerful” color. And that might be the reason why black is the most popular color for luxury vehicles.

As a professional dressmaker, BABARONI never stops exploring the powerful effect of different colors. And that’s why we now have up to 64 colors available. And we are stilling trying to create more great colors for you.

BABARONI Color Chart
BABARONI Color Chart

With so many color options, you may wonder how to pick the best color? Actually, the color is a subjective existence. They can not be judged simply as “good” or “bad”. However, there is a proper or suitable color for certain events! So today we will help you find the most suitable color for a bridesmaid dress step by step. Keep reading and you will find this so helpful.

No.1  Know the wedding inspiration

The very first important thing for you is to know the wedding inspiration. Yes, the main characters of a wedding are the brides and her groom. So you must show your respect to keep great harmonious with them. You can directly ask the bride about the wedding idea and main color tune to get inspired. And the thing is being harmonious does not mean being the same. You still have a wide variety of color options. But remember to stay in a similar kind of colors. Simply keep the cool & warm colors rule in mind.

As we all know, colors on the blue side of the spectrum are known as cool colors including blue, purple, and green. These colors are often described as peaceful and calm. Colors in the red area of the color spectrum are known as warm colors like red, orange, and yellow. These warm colors evoke feelings of warmth and comfort.

Therefore, basically, you shall know the main color tone of the wedding and pick the color accordingly. If it will be a passionate wedding party, red, burgundy and sunset are all great options! While if you will attend a peaceful wedding, colors like dusty blue, slate blue or sage green shall be your first choices.

BABARONI Real Wedding
BABARONI Real Wedding

No.2  Location is key

The second important element to consider is the location and place. Though colors are subjective, they do express important feelings. And they are great signals expressing whether the event is formal or informal.

In the past, weddings are usually held in the solemn church. And the color is very single. Usually, the brides wear the white bridal gown and bridesmaids wear traditional gray. With the rapid development of society, there are more and more other kinds of weddings such as the romantic beach wedding, fresh forest wedding and so on. And the color options are increasing rapidly.

BABARONI Real Wedding

However, you shall choose the color according to the wedding location and place. Because the location means the formality or informality. Usually, cool colors like black, royal blue and dusty blue are suitable for formal weddings. And warm colors such as yellow, orange run greatly in informal weddings. But there are some exceptions. The color burgundy in a certain style is suitable for a formal event.

No.3  Consider the color of the bridal gown

Are you expecting the photo with the gorgeous bride on her big day? Yes, and that’s why you have to consider the color of the bridal gown. You will stand near her to help her greet other guests and have nice photos with her. I believe you will never want your dress weird or inharmonious color to ruin the photos or people’s impressions.

Usually, the bride will choose a grand wedding dress of classic white or pure ivory. And that will be much easier for you to choose your bridesmaid dress color. Make sure you will not choose a deep like gray, then things work perfectly. However, nowadays, many stylish brides will choose the color they like. And burgundy is popular these days. If this is the case, make sure you will never choose the same color as the brides. And still follow the cool & warm color rule to get the harmonious colors.

No.4  Ask your friends

Friends’ opinions are important as well. Try to ask some best friends’ suggestions. They are familiar with you. So you may know which color fits you well. You friends are not color experts? No worries. They do not have to be a color expert. They could still give you excellent advice because they know you and your personality. They will find your best image in a certain color.

And if you have some question about the dress fabric, you could read the blog Why Chiffon Dresses Are So Popular Nowadays to get inspired.

No.5  Consider your own personal style

Though others’ opinion matters, you shall listen to your own idea as well.  You are the one who knows the shoes fit or not. And so is the dress.

By asking yourself, you shall begin with the question “what is your daily style?” Your usual style is very important. You had better keep that style at the wedding. For example, if you are dynamic and playful, you could choose to dress a cute short dress to keep your personal style. And if you are elegant and graceful during daily life, long chiffon dress is your best choice to make you look pretty.


Of course, you could have some changes especially for big events like a wedding. However, please control the change reasonably. And remember your role as a considerate bridesmaid at a wedding. So please try to avoid dressing too grand luxurious dresses.

No.6  Be mindful of the dress color and skin tones

No race discrimination here. Every skin is highly worshiped and respected by BABARONI. However, the color match between dress color and skin tones does help you create a great image.

And the secret is lighter color will make you look young while the dark color will make you look mature. Moreover, lighter colors like daffodil or lemon will make you appear white. Not sure about the color effect on you? Do not worry. We have the online showroom for you. You could create a showroom and add the dress you like to discuss with your friends. You could have a detailed communication here. It is very convenient.

BABARONI Lindsay-Lemon
BABARONI Lindsay Lemon

No.7  Consider the season

Thin and light fresh mint green is so popular in summer. However, it is rare in the cold winter. Thick classic black is so common in winter while you could hardly find it in hot summer. Have you noticed that? People’s colors preference changes based on the rhythm of the four seasons. Therefore, you have to consider the season when you pick a color.

Usually, the fresh color like mint green, sage green, lemon, and daffodil are very popular in summer. And the gold colors like the sunset, orange, and rust sell very well in Fall. Colors for Winter are usually white or black. By the way, we found blue works very well on a Winter wedding as well. Just imagine Elsa’s perfect blue dress in Frozen. You will know the answer. And red color like burgundy, mulberry,and watermelon are perfect for a wedding in Spring.

BABARONI Maggie Mint-Green
BABARONI Maggie Mint-Green
BABARONI Alivia Sky-blue
BABARONI Alivia Sky-blue

In conclusion

Today we have discussed the topic on how to pick a  suitable bridesmaid color. We mostly introduced this topic from the following 7 respects: wedding inspiration, wedding location, bridal gown color, friends’ advice, personal style, skin tones, and season.

Color has a magic to turn our life colorful. But there are so many elements to consider when picking a certain color for a bridesmaid dress. However, the most important principle is being harmonious with the wedding.  Therefore, you shall know the wedding inspiration and main color tone. And then consider the formal or informal color based on the wedding location. Next, perfectly match the bridal gown to have nice photos. And friends’ idea also counts. More importantly, consider your own style. Last but not least, pick the popular color according to the season.

Though we may have talked so much already, some other elements are influencing you to make the final decision. Therefore, if you have any great idea. Please feel free to talk with us on our social media.

Besides, we have introduced some beautiful bridesmaid dresses in certain colors. Now you have learned so much about color. Go ahead to explore your color tour!

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How Do I Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress? | 5 Tips to Help You Make a Decision

How about your bridesmaid dress? Have you made the final decision? Too many styles and abundant confusing colors? Do not worry. Today, we will have a further discussion on “how to find a perfect bridesmaid dress“. I am sure you will acquire much after reading this blog.

No.1  Start by doing some research

If you are hesitating about the bridesmaid dress, please just calm and do some research first. Your anxiety will never help. So please just find a quiet place to sit down and connect your mobile phone or computer to do some research.

First of all, you should know some basic bridesmaid dress brand. And you can get this information via the world-famous search engine Google. If you have completely no idea about bridesmaid dresses, just Google bridesmaid dress or bridesmaid gown. And then there will be thousands of results? Worried about the massive information? Actually Google will give the optimized result smartly. You just need to check out from the beginning to the next. Moreover, ranking means a lot. Usually, a trust-worthy high-quality website will have a priority to appear at the top. And some brands may invest a lot to buy the ranking as well. So you can consider the review rating at the same time.

Google Bridesmaid Dress
Google Bridesmaid Dress

Then, you can search to know some basic information about the bridesmaid dresses like the fabric, the popular, the trendy silhouette and so on. The more you know, the easier it will be later. However, this does not mean you have to be a dress expert. If you can not understand some quite professional question such as dyeing, it’s OK. Make sure you just need to know some basic information.

Next, you shall search for some knowledge about your body shape. As we all know, different people have different body types. And we should consider our body type when we choose clothes especially an elegant bridesmaid dress.

Different Body Shape
Different Body Shape

Rectangle-shaped people are suitable to wear a column dress like BABARONI Alma. While people who have the triangle or “pear” shape had better choose a classic A-line dress.BABARONI Alivia is a great example. Top hourglass shape lady may prefer the sexy mermaid dress like BABARONI Ingrid.

BABARONI Alma Metallic Gold
BABARONI Alma Metallic Gold
BABARONI Alma Metallic Gold
BABARONI Alivia Sky Blue
BABARONI Alivia Sky Blue
BABARONI Alivia Sky Blue
BABARONI Alivia Sky Blue
BABARONI Ingrid Wisteria
BABARONI Ingrid Wisteria
BABARONI Ingrid Wisteria
BABARONI Ingrid Wisteria

No.2  Find complementary colors

It’s a great honor for you to be a bridesmaid to share the life moment with your best friends. The bridesmaid invitation is strong evidence to prove your great friendship. However, the most important rule of a dress selection is being harmonious. It’s the bride and her groom as well as you bridesmaids and other guests all together make this wedding party great.

Therefore, we sincerely hope you could ask the bride about her bridal gown and pick the color of your bridesmaid dress accordingly. Usually, the brides will choose classic ivory and pure white bridal gowns, so you can choose light colors like pink or sky blue to get a perfect match. However, many stylish brides will choose some fashion color like royal blue, lavender as well, so you shall choose some similar colors like ink blue or lilac to match perfectly. If you are not sure about the visual effect, you may check out our real wedding to consider others’ perfect wedding for reference.

BABARONI Real Wedding
BABARONI Real Wedding

No.3  Keep costs in mind

The third important element to consider is your money. Oh, by the way, usually bridesmaids pay the cost of their bridesmaid dress because a wedding does cost a lot. So people would be considerate to pay their own dresses cost. Now, you understand the reason why we should take the price into consideration. Because you will pay the bill. But do not worry. BABARONI offer inexpensive but high-quality dresses of various styles.

You could easily find our price is acceptable and competitive. The secret lies in the process control. We are the factory and online seller at the same time. We always spare no effort to cut the extra process to save you money.

Our dresses start at only 89 USD. Moreover, our most popular chiffon bridesmaid dress Doris is only 99 USD. Doris is an elegant halter chiffon maxi dress for bridesmaids. The halter design makes you look so graceful. And the pleated waistband makes you look even higher. And we even have free shipping promotion to save your budget.

BABARONI Doris Ink Blue
BABARONI Doris Ink Blue
BABARONI Doris Ink Blue

However, please do not worry about quality. We stick to high-quality dresses principle all the time. And we have several inspection processes to make your dress is of high-quality. We always use high breathable chiffon, handmade lace, luxurious satin, and best sequin to offer you the best dresses ever.

No.4  Find the right fit

Always remember to find the right fit when selecting a dress. You will feel uncomfortable if the dress is too large or too small. And the perfect fit will make you look gorgeous and feel comfortable.

And we got a piece of a warm tip here. Please get your measurements according to the website instructions. You may have personal measurements before. However, please understand the measurements may vary from website to website. Say BABARONI as an example. We need your bust, waist, hips, hollow to hem measurements. Also, we provided detailed measurements instructions on our website. So please make sure you have checked the website measurement rule already. Then offer the accurate size or measurements when ordering.

BABARONI Measurements
BABARONI Measurements

By the way, BABARONI even has a secret when customizing your dress. We reserve 3cm fabric for you to make adjustment locally. And the extra fabric is been sewed in a secret way. You can not find it or feel uncomfortable. However,  your local tailor will be impressed by our considerate design. Do not worry about your fit at BABARONI. Shop with confidence all the time.

No.5  Stick to a schedule

Finally, I bet you have found your silhouette, style, color, and measurement. Now it is the time to place the order. So when to order? You must stick to the wedding schedule.  

Of course, you can ask the brides directly to know the wedding plan. And you can get important information including date, time, place and so on from the wedding invitations. But you shall prepare everything in advance in case there is a delay. For example, if your best friend will have a gold Fall wedding in October,you shall begin to prepare in August. And make sure you will place the order before 1st September.

Because it usually takes nearly 20 days to customize your dress and do not forget the shipping takes time as well. And we completely understand that sometimes you may need your dresses urgently or you forget to order your dress in advance. Usually, it’s is annoying. However, BABARONI is professional at solving the annoying. We offer great rush order service to arrange your order in a priority. Therefore you could get your item quickly. And all the priority service only takes a small amount of money around nearly 20 USD.

However, we still suggest you arrange your order in advance. If you want to make any adjustments, you could have time to talk with us because there is enough time for us to make adjustments for you. We may not have enough for you to make adjustments for rush orders.

BABARONI Real Wedding
BABARONI Real Wedding

In conclusion

Today we have discussed the hot topic “How Do I Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress”. And we basically talk about the topic from 5 aspects ranging from early research, harmonious colors, price and cost, accurate measurements to time schedule and wedding plan.

There is a famous line “No investigation, No say”. And that proved the importance of early research and study. We suggest you search for some information including famous bridesmaid dress brands via Google or other social media and dress knowledge and knowledge on the body shape.

We highly recommend you to select a complementary color to match the bridal gown harmoniously. And you shall consider the price as well because usually the bridesmaids pay for their own dresses. Moreover, your own measurements are so important when picking up a bridesmaid gown. Last but not least, make sure you order in advance and stick to the wedding schedule.

 In fact, there are lots of elements when selecting a perfect bridesmaid dress. But because of the limit of blog length, we could only introduce the most important 5 elements for your reference. Therefore, if you have any ideas, please do not hesitate to share with us on the Internet!

Besides, we have also introduced several great bridesmaid dresses from BABARONI. Now you have learned much knowledge on how to choose a perfect bridesmaid dress. You may save the blog to remind yourself when ordering a bridesmaid dress in the future. I bet it will be a great help!

If you like our blog, please share it with others on the Internet. BABARONI is always working so hard to offer you great wedding inspirations. Follow our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. We will keep updating.