Dreamy and beautiful bridesmaid dresses | 4 Tips for brides

You usually choose your best friends as your bridesmaids. They will be happy to receive this special task and stand by your side during the day of wedding ceremony.Today we would like to introduce Babaroni beautiful bridesmaid dresses to you, which are not only available in wonderful colors, but also in various styles. They are also praised for their quality and low price, so that each of your bridesmaids can find the perfect gown.

How to find the most suitable beautiful bridesmaid dresses?

The main color of your wedding must be decided in advance. You can consult with your friends to select your favorite color by referring to the color palette.

Our advice: make sure your bridesmaids are involved when making a decision so that they will feel comfortable at the wedding.

babaroni beautiful bridesmaid dresses

Talk to your friends

When you have chosen your bridesmaids, you should know that they play important roles in your wedding, and they are also good helpers by your side, so it is very important to talk with them.

You can organize a small party, such as a best friend’s night, or a girl’s pajamas party. Here you can talk freely about wedding styles, colors, suitable bridesmaid dresses or wedding dresses. You can also browse some wedding websites together, or read magazines. Maybe you will get a lot of inspiration through such a relaxing night.

The perfect colors for your bridesmaids

You may like beautiful bridesmaid dresses in all colors. From pink to dusty rose to other bright colors, you will find that dresses in every color are all very romantic.

babaroni beautiful bridesmaid dresses

White is taboo

As a bride, you should be the focus of the whole wedding. No one wants to be upstaged by their bridesmaids, so white and ivory are taboos for bridesmaid dresses, these two colors are commonly used in wedding dresses. The guests may mix your identities.

Here are some ideas about how to choose colors:

Color harmony from different brightnesses

You can choose a master color tone first, in which the bridesmaids can feel free to choose their favorite colors. For example, if your main color is green, bridesmaids can also choose clover, green or moss dresses freely.


Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Tiffany clover
Clover Babaroni Tiffany
Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Tiffany green
Green Babaroni Tiffany
Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Tiffany moss
Moss Babaroni Tiffany
Color harmony from light tones

Light-colored bridesmaid dresses can also cooperate with each other, for example, you can choose pearl pink and dusty rose dress for different bridesmaids at the same time, which will make your bridesmaids look gentler, but also in line with the romantic wedding atmosphere.

babaroni beautiful bridesmaid dresses

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Pandora blushing pink
Babaroni Pandora
Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Pandora dusty rose
Babaroni Pandora
Mix and match with floral prints

Floral prints are absolutely in fashion right now. That’s why Babaroni.com also has a whole series of floral designs that blend beautifully with the basic colors of the dresses.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Sakura floral
Babaroni Sakura
Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Sabina floral
Babaroni Sabina

Have you found the color you want? This is the color chart from Babaroni.com, and maybe you’ll find inspiration here:

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses swatches
Babaroni swatches
The perfect dress length for every bridesmaid:

Long bridesmaid dresses, knee length bridesmaid dresses or mixed?

Once the color is decided, you’ll also need to choose the right length for your bridesmaids, not everyone will fit the same length.

But we don’t advise you to order different styles of dresses, you can choose the same model, then you can make subtle changes of the length, such as the floor length dresses can be changed to ankle length, you only need to leave a message in order, we will make it for you.

babaroni beautiful bridesmaid dresses

Knee length bridesmaid dresses

In addition, according to our experience, you can’t choose the bridesmaid dresses which are too short, short dresses will make your friends look very vulgar. Please remember, they will accompany you to church, not a nightclub. The gowns for a wedding should be elegant. If the temperature is too high on the wedding day, you can choose skin-friendly fabrics, such as silk and chiffon. Of course, a knee-length dress is also a great option.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Deirdre royal blue
Babaroni Deirdre
Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Samantha turquoise
Babaroni Samantha
Perfect gown for every bridesmaid

Babaroni offers a lot of options that you can choose whatever you want. You can find your dresses according to the different options, and everyone can make their dresses more personalized. For example, you can choose an A-Line dress or a sheath gown. And there are more than 60 colors available.

We can tailor dresses for all your bridesmaids. We also offer some accessories so that each bridesmaid can find the perfect collocation for herself.

babaroni beautiful bridesmaid dresses

About Babaroni

Babaroni sells beautiful bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses and so on. Simple is our main style. Although this is a newly established dress brand, many customers have already sent good comments to us. We are confident that you will like our gowns. We are young, but we have vitality, we are ready to bring you more innovative designs.

Our goal

Babaroni is an international brand and our designers always follow the trend closely.  Babaroni is not only committed to the sale of the dresses but also to creating a unique brand, give all the bridesmaids and brides all over the world memorable weddings.

babaroni beautiful bridesmaid dresses

Service? Always online!

In addition, we attach great importance to our service and customer experience. We will try our best to meet all the requirements of customers.

You can contact our online customer service at any time if you have any questions, or leave a message in our email, which can be found here. We will reply to you within 24 hours even at weekends.

Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses for every budget

“We want to provide every girl with the most beautiful dress while ensuring the quality, no matter what the budget is.” All the dresses were hand-made by our tailors. Babaroni doesn’t have a middleman, we try to put all the cost on the production of the dresses, so our cost performance is very high. We also offer a lot of beautiful bridesmaid dresses under $100. They are also beautiful and of high quality.

babaroni beautiful bridesmaid dresses

Are you interested? Is there any inspiration already? Welcome to our website at any time! You can also follow our Facebook page. We will update our styles here frequently.

Wedding dresses trends in 2018 and 2019 | 5 trends of wedding gowns

Finding the perfect wedding dresses is probably the most exciting part of wedding planning for the bride. Many people want to keep their styles while following current trends. But for a designer, what is the most important feature of a wedding dress? Absolutely the answer is diversity, including bold tailoring, exquisite details, flowers, transparent sleeves, tulle, the design of A Line and so on. Here we have collected some inspiration for you.

Babaroni wedding dresses
1. Wedding dresses with transparent fabrics, plenty of lace and deep v-necklines

Both a tight gown and a classic A-line gown are decorated with delicate decoration. The elaborate dresses with lace and deep v-necklines will appear in various designs and styles over the next two years.

Some of the styles that have taken shape now are modern Bohemian, fairylike wedding dresses and 1920s styles.

Babaroni wedding gowns Celeste sky blue
Babaroni Celeste
2. Colorful tulle wedding gowns

Tulle,tulle, tulle — People can only see the tulle! But the tulle is no longer just white, but soft pastel. The gown usually consists of one layer of lining and several layers of tulle, which is very gorgeous and have good quality. Tops are usually embroidered with lace from the collar to the long sleeves, this design is romantic and popular. It’s the dream of many young brides – to be able to look like a princess.

Babaroni wedding gowns Maureen silver
Babaroni Maureen
3. Simple and elegant gowns will never OUT

Maybe not everyone is perfect for a dress with tulle, ruffle or lace. But don’t worry, pure fabric can also make you feel like a princess, even if it doesn’t have any delicate decorations. The dresses rarely have long trailing or extravagant shawls like tulle dresses, but they are also popular. Royal brides often choose this kind of wedding gowns, which makes them more elegant. You will see more and more wedding gowns with the combination of lace and simple fabric later.

Babaroni wedding gowns Veromca white
Babaroni Veromca
4. Mermaid

Do you want to show your feminine curves better and stand out from the crowd? Nothing easier than that with the new Mermaid wedding dresses! The mermaid’s low-cut dresses are very popular this year. And the gold or silver lace details can highlight the elegant temperament of the brides.

5. Latest trend: Wedding dresses with 3D elements and flounces

If you want your wedding dress to be stylish and special, you can try some ingenious accessories, such as bold 3D elements (handmade flowers) and royal ruffles.

Babaroni wedding gowns Catherine ivory
Babaroni Catherine

Ready for searching your exciting bridal gown? More inspiration and the latest information about Babaroni.com are available for you on our website and our Facebook page. More questions about our wedding gowns or bridesmaid dresses? Please feel free to contact our custom service. No matter how and where you reach us, we look forward to assisting you in choosing your wedding dress! For your unforgettable dream wedding 2018!

The most beautiful bridesmaid dresses | 8 suggestions for bridesmaid gowns

Have you had the pleasure of receiving the bride’s invitation? Then you only need one thing: the perfect dress! We will show you all kinds of bridesmaid dresses in all colors, cuts, lengths, fabrics and the latest trend. You will be inspired!

The bridesmaids are not only the witnesses besides the bride, but also the most important assistant to the bride. They  give their full support to the bride before and on her wedding day. Their original mission is to lure away evil spirits. Therefore, they also wear bridesmaid dresses and look like the bride, which makes it harder for evil spirits to recognize them.

But that’s only one of the reasons that all bridesmaids wear the same dress. The rest will be introduced later, but now we want to show you a series of the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Michaelia duskBabaroni bridesmaid dresses Easter blushing pink

The most beautiful bridesmaid dresses

Ladies, let me tell you: buying clothes here at Babaroni.com will be very interesting. Because you have so many choices, you hardly know which dreamy dress you should choose. BridesmaidBridesmaid dresses with sequins, tulle,  and lace, glitter, with or without straps or corsage… These are just a few. You have unlimited options.

We will show you how to choose the length of the dress, which fabrics and materials are particularly well suited and which cuts or different dress models are now fashionable.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Elizabeth royal blue

Long bridesmaid dresses

The best long bridesmaid dresses: they look very elegant. But how long is the bridesmaid dress? Does midi length suit you? Or should it be floor-length? You should definitely clarify this with the bride in advance.

Regardless of your height you should definitely wear high-heeled shoes under a floor length dress, as these ensure an upright posture and a feminine gait. And in order to walk gracefully back and forth, you also need a dress that is not too long; otherwise you may accidentally step on it. This not only destroys the dress, but also your appearance.

Long bridesmaid dresses are perfect for people with frostbite in winter and this is the best way to avoid wearing stockings or hiding them.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Augusta steel greyBabaroni bridesmaid dresses Gwendolyn pool


Short bridesmaid dresses

For  short bridesmaid dresses there is a rule that must be observed under all circumstances: they cannot be too short. The more elegant the wedding is, the longer the dresses for wedding guests and bridesmaids are. Wedding is not a good occasion to wear short dresses. A knee length bridesmaid dress may be better. The thigh length skirt will make you be suspected, you’d better leave it in the closet,  and shorter skirts are by no means the right choice for a wedding. And beware of dresses that are constantly sliding up.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Deirdre royal blueBabaroni bridesmaid dresses Beverly dark green

Different colors for bridesmaid dresses

There are no definite rules about the color of bridesmaid dresses. Even the black, which represents mourning, is no longer reviled because it stands in sharp contrast to the white wedding dress. What is the color that reserved for the bride? What a wedding guest should never do is wear a white dress. A well-known example is Pippa Middleton, who wore a white dress at Duchess Kate and Prince Wilhelm’s wedding.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Eleanore black

Color trend for bridesmaid dresses in 2018: Pearl Pink

There is a clear trend, that pearl pink bridesmaid dresses are in high demand in 2018, said Pantone, a global color specialist. It’s an elegant, dark rose color in a retro style. It doesn’t look like the bright pink in recent years. It can also be perfectly matched with a variety of metal accessories or other colors.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Kimberley pearl pink

Pink bridesmaid dresses

The most bridesmaids wear pink dresses. It’s not strange, after all, that this is a beautiful, feminine hue. The color ranges from candy pink to dusty rose.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Suzanne candy pink

Bridesmaid dresses in soft colors

Bridesmaid dresses in soft colors are just super fashionable. Many designers like to design dresses in soft colors, and many stars often wear pink, mint green, lemon or papaya dresses in the street – so soft color bridesmaid dresses are also popular. Because these colors are light and transparent, it is the representative color of women. And the colors are perfect for sunburnt skin.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Adalyn mint greenRed bridesmaid dresses

Many bridesmaids wear red dresses. The color spectrum ranges from tomato red to dark wine red. So our shop unified a color called red, please confirm the color before purchase.


Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Delphine Red Bridesmaid Dress

Turquoise bridesmaid dresses

Among the cold colors, turquoise, blue and moss are especially suitable for bridesmaid dresses. People who do not like colorful dresses should know that dresses in these colors are no less than in light colors.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Samantha turquoise

Green bridesmaid dresses

Not all green dresses look elegant — dark ones do, but please choose bright green ones carefully.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Tiffany dark green

Of course, many more colors could be enumerated, but eventually there must be an end, because there are other important components that we want to talk about, for example: fabrics and materials.

Fabrics of bridesmaid dresses

The following fabrics are suitable for bridesmaid dresses:

Most bridesmaid dresses are made of chiffon. The fabric is cheaper than silk and easier to clean. Silk gowns are difficult to clean after sweating a lot; however, they are still the right choice of summer wedding. Silk dresses will make you feel more comfortable all year round; you will feel cool in summer and warm in winter. If you wear pantyhose, a chiffon dress may not be appropriate because the fabric is static and the dress will stick to you instead of hanging down naturally.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Elizabeth blushing pink

Cuts and Models

The beauty of bridesmaid dresses is that they not only have all the beautiful colors, but also have many different styles and cuts. Whether you’re a pretty girl or a simple, elegant woman, there’s a dress for you.

The most popular dresses here:

What to wear over and under the bridesmaid dress?

Even the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses can be ruined by inappropriate underwear. So the easiest way is to make your underwear invisible. A nude bra is a must with a light and thin gown. And if you’re looking for the perfect figure, you can opt for tights.

In addition, most dresses can go with a coat. For example, a suit jacket, a tweed coat, or a large silk scarf will make you feel warm.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Kimberley royal blue

Bridesmaid dresses for every figure
…For chubby women

An A-line dress is more suitable for a chubby lady, it features with a relatively tight corset, which can better show your figure, and its loose skirt can perfect hide your legs and hip.

For pregnant women

Pregnant bridesmaids can choose short dresses. Maxi dresses with long, falling fabric will draw attention to your tummy and also have the risk of stepping on them. The short dress will make others focus on your legs and show your figure better.

…For women with small size

For women with small size, short bridesmaid dresses will be the best choice, which can make your legs look slimmer and longer with high heels.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Easter blushing pink

Who chooses the bridesmaid dresses?

Of course, before you buy your dream dress, you need to know what it should be like. But who is responsible for choosing bridesmaid dresses? Of course, bride! A wedding planner may provide the overall mood and tone of the wedding. However, the styles of the dresses are usually determined by the bride. The bride will show you her choices of styles and colors, and then the bridesmaids will choose the length, cut and fabric according to their own figures.

Who buys the bridesmaid dresses?

Normally you buy your own dress. But sometimes all bridesmaids also go shopping together. This ensures that all dresses are in the same color, and bridesmaid dresses can also be ordered with the wedding dress if the bride wishes.

Who pays the dresses?

If you don’t communicate in advance, every bridesmaid pays her own dress.

Where to buy bridesmaid dresses?

Bridesmaid dresses can be ordered online, made to order or bought in special bridal fashion shops. All the dresses that we present here can be  ordered directly online.

 Stars as bridesmaids

You want to know which dresses fashion insiders and stars wear, if they have the honor to be bridesmaids? Then click our gallery!

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Easter pink

Why bridesmaids wear the same clothes

Have you ever wondered why bridesmaids always wear the same dresses at weddings? Now I will tell you.

1. Royal Weddings

Royal weddings, like royal funerals, are choreographed, will be displayed in public and supported by the public.

Especially in western countries, bridesmaids often wear the same dresses with the bride .This comes from the history of the British royal family: in 1841, queen Victoria let her bridesmaids wear white dresses that looked very similar to her own wedding dress.

  1. It looks better

…In photos or videos of the wedding day can wedding guests never upstage the bride, so in order to ensure the picture more harmonious, and let the bride stand out, all the bridesmaids should look the same.

  1. It is easier

Appointment, Location, Guests, Table Arrangement … Organizing a wedding is stressful and requires a lot of effort. To make it a little easier the bridesmaids make a decision that they get the same dresses.