Why Not Be More Unhurried When Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses? | 3 Tips For Bridesmaids

Reserve time for bridesmaid dresses

Ideally, you can start ordering your bridesmaid dresses about three or four months before the wedding. On the one hand, the brides can better know what kinds of dresses are suitable for her bridesmaids by trying on. On the other hand, if there is any problem, we can still make some changes to your order within the time. For example, the size you ordered is out of stock, and you have time to re-select another style. Remember that some dresses may take 12 weeks to make.

Our advice 

We want to give you the following suggestion based on our experience: If it is possible, do not order your bridesmaid dresses too early (12 to 6 months before the wedding), because it’s difficult to maintain the same weight for a long time. If you are unlucky, then after a few months, the dresses will be no longer suitable.

If you can’t agree on a unified time, let the missing bridesmaids come to our website as soon as possible. Although we have many dresses to order, some will soon be sold out. And unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the inventory of each style, if you finally decided the style which been sold out in a short time, it would be a pity. And due to high demand, we do not reserve the sample dresses. ​

Make sure all bridesmaid are by your side

If you live in different areas, it is not practical to order dresses together. First, please be sure that your bridesmaids are by your side. One of your bridesmaids may need a special size dress; it will be difficult to find a perfect dress. Because these special size dresses need customization.

In the best case, as a bride you should be the first one to start looking for a bridesmaid dress, and discuss the style and color of the wedding with us in advance, so that you can more easily have a harmonious bridesmaid team, and the purchase of the dresses for all of you will not be too nervous in time, especially the one who need custom size.

If you have more than 4 bridesmaids, please contact us earlier so that we can arrange for you as soon as possible to avoid any waiting time.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Easter pink

Color choices

The bride has determined a color? Let her send you a photo of the color so that we can find the right bridesmaid dress for you. Many people often use different names to call a color. For example, someone calls “pink” as pink, while others call it a neon color. There are also many different colors that can cause errors due to different names, such as mint green, lime green, turquoise may be the same color, or papaya, sunset, and coral may also be the same color.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Hermosa mint greenBabaroni bridesmaid dresses Tiffany ming green

Do you have a large group of bridesmaids? Or do you have different styles or figures? Then ask the bride if it is possible to give your bridesmaids a second choice of color. The second color usually gives you a beautiful combination, and you can be freer to decide which dress really suits you. For example, a color like “pink” may not be suitable for every type of skin, but a warm Steel grey dress and pink accessories can be a great match.


Please leave some space at all times so that your budget may change. For example, some bridesmaid dresses may need some style modifications. Our bridesmaid dresses are priced between 99-150 USD.

Fashion bridesmaid dresses: what are you waiting for?

Bridesmaid dresses are very special for girls. Although people always say: “As a bridesmaid, you can’t steal the limelight from the bride.” You will still be the focus of the wedding. Do you worry about choosing a suitable dress? Don’t worry! Here we summarize all fashion styles, current trends, useful suggestions and original ideas for you. Let’s go!

Bridesmaid dresses–with no mistakes

Nothing is more terrible than a wrong bridesmaid dress at the wedding of your best friend. Although when people talk about this day in the next few years, they will not talk about the dresses, instead of pictures taken on this day. The following two suggestions will allow you to choose the right dresses under any circumstances.

Pink bridesmaid dresses: pink is suitable for everyone. So that they will become radiant, and the dresses in light colors will easily match the atmosphere of the wedding without being boring.

Bridesmaid dresses with a variety of options: With these dresses you will appear more individualistic and in the process of selection you will be less nerve-racking.


Exquisite and light or elegant bridesmaid dresses are always the perfect choices. You all want to find beautiful dresses, but are you always nervous about choosing a suitable gown because of the lack of professional styling knowledge? Take a deep breath! Here we will bring you the most perfect dresses!

Looking for bridesmaid dresses? Don’t lose your confidence!

“Do you want to be my bridesmaid?” When your friends say this, you’re officially starting to look for perfect bridesmaid dresses! As a bridesmaid, you may be excited and looking forward to your friend’s wedding! If the bride determines the idea of the dresses, that means the style, color, and length of the bridesmaid dresses are already completely fixed, but one of you doesn’t like red at all, and another is worried that the legs look too thick with the short skirt and the third one doesn’t want to have bare shoulders! What can we do?

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Michaelia dusk

Bridesmaid dresses from XXS to XXL sizes in all colors 

No need to be panic! At Babaroni you can browse the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses. Our experience and expertise can help you find a great solution. And we will help you choose the right dresses patiently. The size range of our dresses is very wide, available in full size range (US0-US26W), and we also provide custom and tailoring services, so our bridesmaid dresses can easily suit everyone!

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Easter

We are a creative brand: Babaroni

Babaroni’s designers always use high-quality materials, such as chiffon, tulle or lace to make bridesmaid dresses be more comfortable.

The advantages of Babaroni: Babaroni’s designers collaborate with various excellent suppliers and you can choose any color you like.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Sebastiane pearl pinkBabaroni bridesmaid dresses Modesty burgundy

The designers usually use wrinkle-free stretch fabric, so the dresses will fit every figure. In addition: Whether the dress must be packed into the suitcase because the wedding is on the beach or if you just do not have time to try on it, the dresses in wrinkle-free fabric will still be suitable for you and keep smooth!

Useful tips for Bridesmaid-Look

In the last half year, we have tried and seen a lot together with our customers. With these tips, you can easily and elegantly reach the wedding straight for your perfect wedding look: complete individualized!

Harmonious: You can choose different colors in the same color scheme, if these colors are suitable for wedding. For example: Dark navy and ocean blue, watermelon and sunset. They are all perfect mix-and-match colors. You can also choose the length of the dresses by yourselves. You can show your role of bridesmaids with the same decorations, such as the same broochs or bouquets.

Babaroni mint green bridesmaid dresses ElizabethEverything can’t be too late: You should not put off the search of bridesmaid dresses in any case, especially if you want several similar dresses. And if you have confirmed the style and color of the dresses, it still takes a lot of time to choose matching decorations. And please remember, the dresses may be made to order. Depending on styles and season (bridesmaid dresses high season!) the delivery time can take 3 weeks to 1 month! So it is important to spare enough time!

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Kimberley royal bluePerfect accessories: Of course expect the bridesmaid dresses, all kinds of accessories can’t go wrong too. All the accessories will be a good helper for you at the wedding night, such as a handkerchief that will wipe your tears, or a lipstick that will keep you at your best. These things will not only help you get a good look on the night of your friend’s wedding, but it will also help you become a bright spot near the bride. By the way, if your bridesmaid dress is the same as everyone else’s, then the embellishments on your bag or a piece of jewelry will also help you stand out and show your own style.


Wedding guests WITHOUT style requirements?

Your bride is relaxed and there are no styling requirements? Then enjoy the latest evening dress trends, which are also great for any wedding guest:

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Cassiopeia peach


Sky blue: Sky Blue is the number one color in 2018. According to the tailoring and accessories of the dress, the color is dreamy and elegant:

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Tiffany sky blue



Let it shine: The trend of sequins is suitable for all wedding celebrations:

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Marguerite silver

Shop now for your bridesmaid dresses!

So take two hours out of your daily life, forget all your worries and to-do lists, and focuses on color, tailoring, and raw material choices, a pretty light-colored bridesmaid dress, a rock-and-roll style or an old Hollywood-style bridesmaid dress? You can find all styles and length of the dress here. Or maybe you can try a dress with color, cut and raw material that you haven’t tried, the dress may surprise you. When you have more courage, you’ll have more fun. We promise that everyone will be satisfied by the end of shopping. We look forward to serving you!