How to select perfect bridesmaid dresses for perfect wedding | 8 best useful tips for the bridesmaid dresses

For many brides, bridesmaids play very special roles on the day of wedding, usually they are the bride’s sisters or best friends. They sincerely feel happy for the bride, and actively support her wedding plans and coordinate the work of the party, so many brides think that it is necessary to prepare suitable bridesmaid dresses for their friends. And when they wear the perfect bridesmaid dresses, the special status of bridesmaids can be reflected easily.

Most Americans know the trend of matching bridesmaids. But this idea is increasingly accepted by brides all over the world, and in order to find the perfect dresses for you and your bridesmaids, we have arranged the perfect trends of bridesmaid dresses here.

Bridesmaids should have the courage to try all colors

As a bride, of course, you have the right to choose anything you want. Though the white wedding dresses are classic, many of you may try other colors. If you still want to wear the traditional white wedding dresses, you can encourage your bridesmaids to try other colors. Here are the most popular trends of perfect bridesmaid dresses in different colors.

Babaroni perfect bridesmaid dresses Candice mint green
Babaroni Candice
Strong contrast: black bridesmaid dresses

Many brides and grooms still insist that black is not the right color for wedding. Many people think that black is not suitable for all complexions, but fortunately many brides now find the other aspect of the color.

When bridesmaids and witnesses wear black dresses, white wedding dress will look more conspicuous, so the bride becomes the center of the wedding. In addition, no matter what body types your bridesmaids are, they will be more elegant because of the color of black. Although black bridesmaid dresses are still relatively rare, when the concept of black and white run throughout the wedding decoration, all the dresses will fit with each other perfectly.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Eleanore black
Babaroni Eleanore
Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Evangeline black
Babaroni Evangeline


Reversal Trends: White Bridesmaid Dresses

White bridesmaid dresses are very popular these days. One reason for this trend is that more brides are not wearing the classic white wedding dresses any more. Various red or pink wedding dresses are very popular among brides, so the white bridesmaid dresses will be a main trend in the future.

Though the brides often want to stand out from her bridesmaids and witnesses, there are now still completely white weddings. The color white matches atmosphere of wedding very well.


Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Adalyn white
Babaroni Adalyn
Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Valerie white
Babaroni Valerie


Pink bridesmaid dresses: Pink is a symbol of women

The colors of the classic bridesmaid dresses are obviously candy pink, blushing pink and pearl pink. This trend comes from the United States. Because at the weddings in the countryside, bridesmaids usually wear pink dresses to match brown cowboy boots. This trend has continued for a long time.

These colors are suitable for all types of dresses, the bridesmaids will look more beautiful with the dresses and flowers, and they can also match with other colors easily.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Clementine blushing pink
Babaroni Clementine
Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Cassiopeia candy pink
Babaroni Cassiopeia
Grape and lilac colors add a stylish touch to dresses

Who chooses a bridesmaid dress in grape or lilac color can easily emphasize that she is the best friend of the bride. This is a clear sign that the person next to the bride is the most important guest.

These colors are very dominant, but at the same time it is the color of women, it will be better if the groom and the groomsmen wear grey or beige suits. It’s very beautiful to wear a grape-colored dress at a wedding in autumn and a lilac dress in a summer wedding.


Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Christine grape
Babaroni Christine
Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Jacqueline lilac
Babaroni Jacqueline


From Light to Dark: Stylish Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Now more and more bridesmaids choose green bridesmaid dresses. Green is a vivid color, but at the same time it looks very elegant. In addition it also represents hope and gives your wedding a symbol of vitality.

Babaroni perfect bridesmaid dresses Doreen mint green
Babaroni Doreen

There are a variety of green colors that are suitable for perfect bridesmaid dresses. Summer beach weddings are perfect for mint green dresses. If you hold a wedding in the forest or in the countryside, you can choose dark green or jungle green dresses. Especially in the case of dark colors, bridesmaid’s bouquet will seem more beautiful, giving people a feeling of a sea of flowers.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Samantha turquoise
Babaroni Samantha
Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Beverly dark green
Babaroni Beverly


Mix and match: free choice of bridesmaid dress colors

The latest trend in perfect bridesmaid dresses is mix and match: bridesmaids can choose all dresses they like as long as they match the theme of the wedding. The idea of this selection of bridesmaid dresses is the most popular now, because the dresses, which have harmonious colors applies to weddings of various themes.

Our suggestion: The bride should choose the color that suitable for the wedding in advance. Then bridesmaids can choose and buy their own dresses. The bridesmaids will not lose their individuality because of this. The identity of the bridesmaids can be shown through a special bouquet.

Babaroni perfect bridesmaid dresses Anastasia
Babaroni Anastasia
According to length: short bridesmaid dresses and long bridesmaid dresses

Weddings always have an elegant and meaningful atmosphere. Even if you want your wedding to be more relaxed and interesting. According to your choice of occasion, the bridesmaid’s dresses should also be adjusted. You are free to choose short or long bridesmaid dresses.

Short bridesmaid dresses

The shorter dresses are cuter and more eye-catching. A bridesmaid dress with a short skirt may help you find the right style and achieve incredible elegance. But make sure all your friends feel good about the length of the dresses. Or they can choose the length they like. Mini length or knee length?

Our suggestion: You should wear a monochrome fabric short dress. Short skirts are noticeable, and you don’t want your bridesmaid dress to be too fancy. Of course, you can decorate it with lace or flouncing, so that a short bridesmaid dress will not be very monotonous.

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Belinda peach
Babaroni Belinda
Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Delphine red
Babaroni Delphine


Long bridesmaid dresses

Long dresses are usually simple, pure and elegant. They are suitable for a variety of occasions and are eye-catching with smooth fabrics that perfectly fit any woman’s figure. The absolute advantage is that you can wear flat shoes under the floor-length dress. So you can dance at your best friend’s wedding party until morning.

When you choose a long bridesmaid dress, you are free to choose the color. We found that the dazzling colors were as beautiful as the soft tones. Or how about a two-tone dress? You will find more inspiration on our website!

Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Tallulah steel grey
Babaroni Tallulah
Babaroni bridesmaid dresses Prudence red
Babaroni Prudence


Combination of bride- and bridesmaid dresses shopping

The decision of your wedding dresses should certainly be your moment. And all the activities such as trying the dresses should surround you. But after you make your choices, you can still make adjustments at the rest of the time, such as buying an accessory or making some changes to the wedding dress. To make your wedding perfect, your friends can also act as advisors before serving as bridesmaids.